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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Blogger Luncheon

I have been so jealous recently at all of the people who seem to be having these fun blogger-get-togethers. Busy Mom went to one last month, and here she is doing it again last week. She was happy to report that there were no ax murderers there.
There was a lot of bloggers meeting in
Kansas City last month also.....Lauren didn't get to go, and she decided that next time she is definately going to try.

Of course there is
BlogHer coming up, but it is very far away from me.
*Hint*Hint* BlogHer Rulers-let's get some East Coast action going on. Please!*
Taste the World is getting to go, though, and so is Mocha Mamma, as well as so many other bloggers. Even my roomie for the week Mommy Off The Record is going.
(can you tell that I am very jealous yet?)

Wendy is going to go meet OldOldLady when she goes to the Emmy's. (that is a whole other conversation about jealous moments, so I will try not to digress here!)

So, what is the point, Tracie? Why are you telling me about this?

Well, I am so glad that you asked. Let me tell you. I was so jealous that I decided to have a little blog luncheon myself. Just me and all of my local blog friends.....except, that I don't have any local blogging friends-and none of my "in person" friends know that I blog.

So, what to do? I took my husband out to lunch today and made him listen to me talk about blogs and blogging and blogs that I read. I even took pictures! Much to my husband's annoyance, but that is what blogging luncheons are all about, right!?! (they aren't the best pics because my camera battery was dead and I had to use his cell phone camera)

We went to this little country restaurant that his dad likes to eat at....and had the ditziest waitress I have ever seen. She was telling me what came on the chicken salad and could only think of lettuce as an ingredient for an entire minute.

We asked if they had deserts and she replied "oh, sure, Chocolate Delight" We asked what that was and she said "it is a kind of chocolate dessert with pudding type stuff and some...maybe........cheesecake? or something like that."---I felt doubtful, but my husband decided to try it.

I think she was right about the pudding part, but I really don't see any cheesecake in there at all-do you?

This was after we left...and the pouring-down-flood-like rain started. I snapped a picture in the car----I was hoping that my red hair would show up, but in these dark pictures it just looks kind of brown.

I'll try again once I get some more batteries for the good camera.

Please be sure to check out my renter over there on the right-don't hate her because she is getting to go to BlogHer and I can't.....I'm sure that she is equally jealous of my special Blogger Luncheon that I had today (at least that is what I am going to tell myself tonight so that I can sleep!)

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  1. awwww- i can't wait for blogher and i am SPECIFICALLY going this year because i KNOW that next year it won't be this close to me. so hang in there- it will come your way and then everyone on the west coast will be jealous! :)

  2. What a good sport your husband is! I don't think my husband even knows what a blog is, let alone that I do it!

  3. I've been wanting to go to one of the get-togethers myself, but I do get to meet GiBee from Kisses of Sunshine next month when I sing at her church!
    Yay! Thanks for stopping by my site!

  4. Oh I thought it was a joke that Wendy was going to the Emmys. I would love to meet Old Lady of the Hill in person. We didn't have our blogger meetup this month... hopefully we will again though. I blog talk to my husband all the time!

  5. Well, I'd LOVE to meet you Tracie!! And for whatever it is worth, I don't have a clue as to what BlogHer is...I mean, I assume it is some kind of meeting of a lot of bloggers, Right? Just remember, we have the MMT Show in common and maybe one of these days if you can get here to the West Coast, we will meet!

  6. LOL at least your husband played along :)
    You don't want to hear that someone is flying from Texas to LA so she can meet up with me as well do you ?
    I thought not.

  7. Oh, I know, I know! followed BlogHer last year when I didn't even have a blog to share. Would love to meet some fellow bloggers *sigh*. But, hey!: I have met ONE blogger frome the UK who was here on a business trip. He tried to explain the magic of the blogosphere to my husband! have a happy day!

  8. It sounds like a very successful blogmeet :). Here via Michelle today, hullo!

  9. Hello Tracie :)

    Michele sent me :)
    I am happy to read your blog ;)


  10. HA! I love it. At least your husband listens to your blog ramble. Mine just tells me I need help.

    I'm so jealous of anyone going to blogher...sigh.

  11. I found a prezzie with your name on it at the knoll shug --

    you're a treasure --

    huggin' you

  12. LOL. I AM jealous of your luncheon because it would have been so cool to meet you!

    And I'm with Jennster, I'm sure they'll have it on the east coast next year and then *I'll* be the jealous one!

  13. I love the thought of a blog luncheon with your husband. He was a great sport.

    That waitress amazes me. You have to wonder how she even remembers to go to work.

    Last year my friend Beth and I flew to Portugal to meet The Lioness. It was our first blog meeting. Since then we've met two others. It's a lot of fun.

    Thanks for stopping by. I love your banner, beautiful picture.

  14. I'm so jealous of your luncheon. :)

  15. What a good sport! The Hubster was clueless at first when I started blogging. He has never read my blog, but he does know that I post things about him and the kids on it. When I snap a pic of him and tell him it's going on the blog, you can kind of see the "I'm important" glow around him. Now he's getting into the spirit of it by telling me to post things on my blog when he does something he finds particularly amusing or clever.

  16. YAY FLorida!! Anyway, that doesnt looke like a cheescakey dessert! I'm not going to blogher, but I'm curious to see what it's like.

  17. Sounds like a fun lunch. I hope your hubby is more tolerable than mine about blogs. He usually just shakes his head :)

  18. HAHAHAHAHA! That's so funny! So... when is your husband signing up for his own blogger account? ;) I'm jealous, too, I want to go to blog meetups!

    And thanks for stopping by my site today...!

  19. Funny! Sounds like a great idea. Your husband was a good sport.

  20. I hear ya on the east coast thing. Seriously if it were anywhere on the east coast I may actually do a road trip to go..but cali is a bit too far.

    My husband just said to me yesterday: Your totally obsessed with this blog thing aren't you?
    My reply...well your obsessed with cars!! =oP

  21. Gak! That pudding/cheesecake thing looks mysteriously like some kind of roadkill. ;-)

  22. I use rechargeable Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) batteries for my camera. I keep three sets handy, and always make sure they're charged. That way, whenever I'm out and about and my batteries die, I just pop a new set in, then charge the dead ones.

    Otherwise, the batteries always seem to die at the wrong moment.

  23. Back again (sorry, I'm mining blogs tonight!)

    I haven't met any other bloggers yet - though I DO know a bunch of folks who I've encouraged to get into blogging. But they don't count.

    Someday soon I will, though. I think it would be neat to meet folks for real. Maybe I'll set up my webcam and do a podcast. Ya think?