From Tracie: Wendy's Casting Call!!

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Wendy's Casting Call!!

I am so excited that it is Wendy's Casting Call Weekend! Every month I intend to participate, and every month I forget until late Sunday night.......but not this time.
This time I remembered!
This time I will audition and audition and audition some more!
This time I will be victorious!
This time I will get the lovely, shiny award that you see pictured, because I will be Wendy's new cast member!
So, do you dream of being a cast member at Wendy's Whimsies? Then you should go see her and audition. You never know who will win (but I sure hope it is me! *hint, hint!) You only have 48 hours, so, let the auditions begin!


  1. Yes, indeed! I will be Suditioning, to, just cause it is fun!

  2. Just came over from Wendy's! (lol) Who knew??? Always fun to visit you and now I've visited you twice!

  3. I was here earlier and saw that Wendy was holding Auditions, so I went to see her. Now I'm back again!

    Nice site Tracie.

  4. Hello, Michele sent me.

    Congratulations on remembering and I'm sure you'll do fine. Now to go look and see.

  5. Congrats Tracie :). Very well done.

  6. Just swinging by to say good luck and thanks for the post :)
    Have a fun time.

  7. I hope you win a star! I can't really participate this month due to my internet woes but I wish you luck!