From Tracie: The Dreaded First Post

Sunday, May 01, 2005

The Dreaded First Post

I think that this first post must always be the hardest. I feel presured to give a short autobiography here, but then I wonder once I have done that what else will there be to say? It leaves me feeling conflicted.....So I don't think I will do that. Instead I will just jump in and you will get to know me as time goes on.

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  1. Hi Tracie. I thought I'd go back to the beginning of your blog and read from there. Hope that's OK with you.

    You raise an interesting point - and I agree with your response to the conundrum of where writers are supposed to begin.

    We often trick ourself into believing that we have to have all the answers when we first pick up our pen. It's taken me many years to get comfy with a somewhat different reality...the one you so clearly outline here.

    I'm much more at ease starting with nothing, then gradually building things up as I get deeper into the writing. To think that we can start off with a grandiose statement of being is asking too much. Better to get into the groove before tossing out the big stuff.