From Tracie: About Tracie

About Tracie

Hi, my name is Tracie Nall. I am a writer and homeschool mom living in Gilbert, Arizona with my husband Thomas, our teen daughter Katarina, and more books than our shelves will hold.

Tracie Nall

A few things you should know about me:
  • I am a follower of Jesus. Worship is like fresh breath to me.
  • Books are my favorite thing in the world, and I always have at least one near me at all times.
  • I'm 1/2 Canadian, on my Mother's side, and I am proud to be part of the first American generation of my immigrant family.
  • Office supplies make me ridiculously happy.
  • I love crafting, and dream of one day owning a lathe.
  • When I am not writing or reading, I spend my time watching far too many movies and TV shows, and trying to get my family to dance and sing with me.
  • I take pictures of things that are yellow.

My Family
Thomas and Tracie Nall
Thomas and I have been married for fifteen years (we had three weddings y'all), and he still makes me laugh every day. He also provides me with no shortage of blogging material, and doesn't even get mad when I write about what happens when he stays home for the day, how difficult it was to teach him how to play Candy Crush, or the time he almost learned how to speak Elvish.

Katarina and Tracie NallKatarina is fourteen years old. She loves books, golden retrievers, and studying science and math. She also knows far more about computer programming than I do. Occasionally she has purple hair, and one time she got to ride in a race car (I'm still a little jealous), but mostly she makes me laugh with her quick thinking and use of "Let's make a pie chart," to shut down conversations.

We used to live in Florida, but recently moved back to my home state of Arizona. I'm loving life without humidity!

My Blogging Journey
I started blogging in 2005 to talk about surviving childhood sexual abuse. I was deep in the trenches of healing at that time, and trying to decide what and how I would tell my family and friends about it. Writing my story online, and connecting with other survivors, was a huge step for me, and helped me to eventually be open with everyone in my life.

In 2009 I officially changed my blog to From Tracie, and transitioned to writing about life, parenting, faith, humor, books, things I love, personal growth, and a generous sharing of yellow pictures.

Family Shoes Through The Years
In my early years of blogging, I marked the passage of time with pictures of my family's shoes.

Even though sexual abuse is no longer the daily focus of my blog, I still write about being a survivor and survivor issues. I believe in the the importance of support, the power of speaking out, and the possibility of healing and joy. I also believe that when we share our stories of survival and healing, we give a voice to those who are not able or ready to speak out.

I managed the monthly Blog Carnival Against Child Abuse from 2010 - 2014. I also spent three years as an Operational Committee member, team leader, and director of social media for a nonprofit. Links to some of my other writing and social media work can be found on my Writing & Working page. I am available for interviews, public speaking, or to write for your website or blog. I also partner with brands on campaigns by providing content here and on social media.

Please contact me if you would like to work on a project together, or if you have any questions. I can be found on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, and GoodReads, or you can email me at