From Tracie: Ten Years On Our Way To Forever

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Ten Years On Our Way To Forever

Thomas took me to the beach one night in April. We stood under the stars, the white sand beneath us, looking out at the moon reflected on the water. He got down on one knee and proposed. I said yes.

Tracie and Thomas ten years ago

Ten years ago we stood in our pastor's house at midnight on July 12, and made promises to each other. We promised to love and cherish. To stick it out, rich or poor, through health and sickness, no matter what would come our way. We promised that this marriage would last forever.

Tracie and Thomas Wedding Picture

Two weeks later, we did it all over again in Arizona with my family. This time I had a fancy dress and we smooshed cake in each other's faces during the reception. It was good cake, chocolate with raspberry filling and butter-cream icing. But the thing I remember most is the look on Thomas' face when he saw me walking down the aisle, and making those promises again.

A third wedding with our friends and Thomas' family followed that October.

It has been ten years since our year of three weddings.

Ten years is a long time. Double digits. A decade. X.

So many people were sure we wouldn't make it. They tried to talk us out of getting married, sure that our personality and age differences were too big of a hurdle to overcome. We remember each person who stood with us, and supported us, and will be forever grateful for their love.

Those promises we made to each other have been tested and stretched, and we have stood firm, together.

We witnessed a miracle, and the birth of our daughter.

Thomas, Tracie, and Baby Katarina at the beach

We made it through job changes and an unplanned move to a new city.

Thomas and Tracie on church steps

Thomas has supported me as I've pursued healing. And he has encouraged me to write - even when I write about him on his day off from work, his attempt to buy clothes for me, his insistence on making me watch youtube videos, and his crazy dreams.

Thomas and Tracie

He has proved himself to be an amazing father, and a wonderful husband.

Our Family

I have been blessed to spend the last ten years married to my best friend. And I would do it all over again in a heartbeat.

Tracie and Thomas Together For Ten Years

I'm looking forward to our next ten years together, on our way to forever.
I love you, Thomas, with much muchiness and all my heart.


  1. :) Awwww you two are so stinking CUTE! :) Happy anniversary!

  2. Happy Anniversary! You guys are ADORABLE! Congratulations on 10 years, that is simply awesome!

  3. Happy anniversary and congrats on 10 years together!

  4. HAPPY ANNIVERSAY! WE hit 10 years last October. Congratulations!

  5. Congratulations! July 12 must be a lucky dates because my parents are celebrating 42 years today! Here's to many MANY more!

  6. Awww, happy anni! Y'all give love a good name:)

  7. Happy Anniversary sweetie.. ya'll are so cute together..

  8. Yay, happy anniversary! So freaking cute. Love it!

  9. What a great day to be married (July 12th is my b*day ;) ) A very big congrats to both of you! Here's to many more happy years together!

  10. You were an absolutely BEAUTIFUL bride, T.

    Happy anniversary, and you picked a good one.


  11. Happy Anniversary.

    What a perfect beautiful bride you are.

    Good and healing thoughts to yous.


  12. Awww, what a cute couple. You just seem to fit together. May you have a wonderful, blessed anniversary.

  13. Hapy Anniversary! Many many more!!! BTW- Today is my 32nd birthday...and what are we doing? Going to the Drive-in (frmo your post a bit ago) :)

    1. We saw Ice Age and Brave. All 7 of us went for 18 dollars. insane! I of course fell asleep on the ground with my 6 year old for the second movie but hey still a deal! ;)

  14. This is awesome, and I am glad you have it!

  15. Beautiful - many hearty congratulations. And one of my favorite Scriptures: Ps 68:6 "God sets the lonely in families."