From Tracie: My Husband is Off Work Today....Yay?

Monday, December 12, 2011

My Husband is Off Work Today....Yay?

When Thomas is home for the day, he never:

  • renames Katarina's stuffed animals.
  • folds all the blankets differently.
  • eats all our snack food.
  • reorganizes....everything.
  • watches movies like Pan's Labyrinth.
  • claims that Pan's Labyrinth is a kid's movie.
  • claims Young Guns is educational, and Blair Witch Project is okay for Katarina to watch because there are no monsters in it.
  • rearranges the Christmas cards on the door.
  • eats all our candy.
  • asks me to explain things on the computer.
  • reads the first 25 pages of the Hobbit (again).
  • makes us watch shows, like Weird True and Freaky, with real videos of alligators biting off people's arms.
  • changes clothes three times.
  • sprays perfume on everyone...and everything.
  • offers suggestions for my hairstyle (and tries to give Katarina a ponytail).
  • makes us watch Rush videos from the 80s, while sharing trivia valuable information about every band member and song.
  • asks me to update his facebook status because he likes the way my typing sounds.
  • has a contest with Katarina to see who can make the best fake puking noises.
  • talks while we are trying to read.
  • asks me to trim his toenails.

....and at the end of the day after not doing all of these things, 
he NEVER sleeps with my box of cookies.....
Thomas sleeping while hugging box of cookies

So, Thomas was off work was your Monday?


  1. BWHAHAHAH yeah I would have had to tell him to go play,elsewhere.

  2. This is why husbands, as much as we love them and as awesome as thwy can be are #moreworkthankids.

  3. Thomas is sooo good isn't he? (hmm how do you do an emoticon with a tongue in cheek?)

    Oh! and for the record...talking and reading also happens in this household!

  4. P.S. I just read I was asked how my Monday was...well let's see...went to Santa for a couple of Christmas gifts and didn't get either. :-(
    Went to the post office, worked on some photographs, listened to some of my favorite Christmas carols and had a generally calm, peaceful and productive day.

    Hugs to ALL!



    My day consisted of unboxing toys and barbies and cars and pirate swords and baby dolls and games, etc. for the volunteer work I did for Cobb Christmas (see facebook for pics). I am DOG-tired, but I love every minute of it.

    Where else can you play with a buzz lightyear and a rapunzel barbie and have a pirate sword fight while helping families at Christmas time?

    Also, this is my third year so i know the routine AND I get to just take over a project and make people do what I want. AWESOME!

    I like it because we start with boxes and empty tables and end up with tables FULL of toys and clothes. Sooo, my OCD is a happy camper today!\


  6. Yay! Rush songs!!! Did he tell you about how the drummer lived in Africa for a while?!

  7. I always start to get excited when I know my husband has a day off, and then I remember what that actually means.

  8. I find that my day is more productive when the husband isn't home.
    Like he gutted my bathroom in the Spring and it is still not finished.
    Does this mean I have to feed him more cookies.
    PS. Thank God it wasn't Shark Week.

  9. likes the sound of you typing - that's a new one for me. Just think someday off in the future the two of you might be together everyday in retirement.

  10. He is sleeping with your cookies? I think he deserves a pillow held over his head...just for a few seconds...not like, till he's dead or anything...

  11. Uh oh. He was a very naughty boy...but how much fun did you guys have!!!??? And why is it that Dads always get to be the fun parent :)

  12. I totally spewed coffee thru my nose on this one, thanks :)