From Tracie: Did That Vampire Just Bite Ashton Kutcher?

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Did That Vampire Just Bite Ashton Kutcher?

A normal night at Tracie's house: Thomas and Tracie watch tv. Thomas falls asleep.
At 3am Tracie is almost asleep, or at least seriously considering going to sleep (Shhh. I am considering going to sleep......after reading just one or two more blog posts). 

Thomas suddenly wakes up! "I had a dream," he announces, "Let me tell you before I forget it." 

At which point sleep never comes.

This is one of those dreams... 

Ferris Wheel Ashton Kutcher and Natalie Portman not includedSetting: A Carnival.
A Small Adobe House sits across from a ride. 
In front of the ride is a table with Thomas' mom, Judy, standing behind it.

Inside the Small Adobe House, Thomas is involved in a short play with a vampire, Ashton Kutcher, and Natalie Portman. 

The vampire has stolen a ring, and it is very important for Ashton Kutcher to get it back. A fight ensues. 

Ashton Kutcher is able to get the ring from the vampire, and throws it to Natalie Portman. 

Natalie Portman runs to the window and throws the ring outside. 

Thomas steps out of the shadows and yells. He runs through the audience to go outside to find the ring. (at this point in the dream telling, he explained to me that the purpose of throwing the ring outside the window was so that carnival passerby-ers would see him run out to get the ring and get interested enough to come inside the Small Adobe House to watch the play.)

After getting the ring, Thomas runs back inside the Small Adobe house from the side door. 

Just as the vampire is about to bite Ashton Kutcher, Thomas runs toward Natalie Portman. 

The vampire notices that Thomas is holding the ring. He stops fighting Ashton Kutcher and sneaks up behind Thomas, biting him in the neck. At that moment, Ashton Kutcher jumps up and kills the vampire. The ring is safe. 

The End. 
(of the play, not the dream...the dream continues)

They continue to preform the play four more times. Thomas is getting mad because each time the vampire bites his neck, it really hurts, and he is convinced that the vampire is hurting him on purpose. 

It is now almost nighttime, but a group has gathered to see the play, so they start performance number six. 

The play is going smoothly, and Natalie Portman throws the ring out the window. 

When Thomas runs outside to get it, it is too dark.. 

After searching frantically, he yells out, "I can't find the ring". 

Judy, his mom, calls him over to her table and shows him a pewter ring that she is holding. 

He takes it from her and turns to go back to the Small Adobe House. 

Judy stops him, "That ring won't work," she says, and pulls out a flashlight. 

Thomas and Judy are using the flashlight to look at the ground. The table she was standing behind starts to grows bigger and bigger and Thomas can see that there is a creek running underneath it. 

They walk under the table. He sees the other ring, at the bottom of the creek, and grabs it out of the water. "I have two rings, now! I have two rings," he cries out. 

They walk out from under the table and he can hear Ashton Kutcher shouting from inside the Small Adobe House, "I'm dying!!"

Clutching both rings in his hand, Thomas runs in the side door. He heads toward Natalie Portman to hand her the ring and the vampire bites him. 

Thomas turns around and says, "Hey dude! That's my neck and that hurts!!!"...

The End. 
(of the dream....and possibly of my sanity)

I think I need a dream interpretation.
Or a recommendation for a good sleeping pill that will keep Thomas out for the night.
OR...maybe this is the plot for a new Kutcher/Portman movie and Thomas has some very movie-specific kind of ESP that has allowed him to see it in his dream? 


  1. All you need for writing inspiration is a journal of Thomas' dreams it seems. Very vivid. I often can't remember mine past a few minutes.

  2. i think it means your hubby Thomas wants to join the circus. Or is secretly in love with Natalie Portman or something...
    Love this dream...
    and that you are BACK!
    Are you waiting until 3 AM to watch my chocolate frosting video?
    Love U tracie.

  3. Gosh I love crazy dreams and love even more trying to figure out what they really mean.
    I am going to take a stab at part of this one and venture that the repetition of the scenes draw to someone's need for perfection. The ring stands for wealth..but maybe not, maybe safety!
    Ashton stands for strength or humor or both.And Natalie Portman means absolutely just send her to my house, will ya?
    How's that?(remember, I think I'm funny....and there's at least two other people who agree)
    (big goofy grin over here)

  4. I have to say, I enjoyed that. And I normally hate when people tell me their dreams. I think my favorite part is he's not mad the vampire is actually biting him - he's mad that it's hurting TOO MUCH. Awesome.

  5. He wakes you up to tell you these crazy things? Maybe he needs a blog for his dreams. ;)

  6. That sounds like the perfect blot for a typical teenage drama...maybe Thomas is destined to win an Oscar for Best Original Screenplay?

  7. I don't know what the dream means, but if you send Natalie to tsonoda's house, then you can send Ashton to mine. But only for my teenage daughters. I'm a one-man kinda gal. (I'd probably give him a good once-over, tho!)

  8. The mind is a funny thing, especially when it's dreaming.

  9. Something must be going around because I had a zombie apocalypse dream 2 nights ago, and I NEVER talk about zombies nor watch movies about them.

  10. Bert has been having really vivid dreams for about the last year. He frequently hits, kicks or screams in his sleep. I'm generally on the receiving end. At one point I had a massive bruise on my leg because he dreamed he was trying to stop an out of control vehicle. My leg was the brake pedal. Last night he screamed in terror which of course woke me up. Today he called me at work to tell me that he screamed because his carotid artery burst. I was obviously tired (wonder why) because I yelled at him to call the doctor. After a stunned silence he responded that he DREAMED that it burst! Good grief!

  11. This is such an intricate dream! Wild.

  12. now if you can write would make a great book....

  13. You will never worry about money again! Movie lines using Thomas' ESP. I mean anything with Ashton and Natalie is bound to make money, right?

    Just thinking about you today. Awhile back you had written in a comment over at my place about one of your dreams. . .going to college. Just wondering how that was going.

  14. Once, David had a dream about being in a plane crash, and only he, a woman and a dog survived. I got to listen to 20 minutes of him talking about how he and the woman walked the dog through the remains of the plane because the dog needed to use the bathroom. It was very detailed....At almost 4AM. I was ready to slip him some Ambien, but I hear that makes you crazy in your sleep, so I figure drug free sleep was better for him.

  15. Popped in from SITS! I have weird dreams all the time!