From Tracie: This Is How We Celebrate A Decade

Saturday, August 03, 2013

This Is How We Celebrate A Decade

Yesterday was Katarina's birthday. A decade is a big milestone, and big milestones must be celebrated in big ways. She wanted a haircut for her birthday. Not just a plain, normal haircut, but something daring and awesome. We told her she could get any style she wanted, and after much looking at pictures, we were ready to go visit Amanda at the Hair Cuttery.

Katarina has been growing her hair long to donate it again. Amanda sectioned and tied it off before cutting it, so we can send the hair to be made into a wig.

Long Hair

Then it was time for the shampoo. Always the best part of a haircut.

Getting hair shampooed at the salon

Did I mention that she was going short? Really short.

So Short

Katarina is studying the hair cutting process in the mirror.


Details. Details. Lots of details.

Haircut Details

I would not have dreamed of picking this haircut for myself, but Katarina did not hesitate.

Pixie Haircut

We weren't finished yet. Remember I said BIG? This is big...


Getting Foiled


Purple color.

Tinfoil Hat?

Sitting under the dryer; reading a magazine.
(I only took approximately 20 pictures of this moment.)

Sitting Under The Dryer

After it was dried and rinsed, Katarina got to see the color for the first time. This is a moment of pure shock and joy.

First Look At Haircolor - Shocked

Still shocked, but loving it.

Still shocked, but loving it

Talking styling.

Hair Styling Tips

Now we are finished. Daring. Funky. Purple. Rock and Roll.

Pixie Haircut With Purple

Amanda cut my hair, too, but I'm not nearly as daring as Katarina. Or as cool. I should mention that we loved Amanda; she is extremely awesome (and her sister is a blogger).

Tracie, Katarina, and Amanda

Birthday dinner at Five Guys followed.

Five Guys burger and fries

Lots of laughter, and staring at this child...who is not as much of a child as she was yesterday.

Tracie and Katarina

This is what a decade looks like. Pretty awesome.

Purple Pixie

Happy birthday, Katarina. You are sweet, caring, funny, smart, and amazing. Your hair doesn't make you special (your heart does), but I love that you can pick a daring change and got for it. That is huge. I love you forever, with much muchiness.



    I can't stop screaming!!! :)

  2. Wow! That's a lot of hair gone, and some fun style! Hope she has a great year!

    Stopping in from Sharefest!

  3. She looks very cute with the short cut and what a wonderful way to mark her first decade by donating her hair. A great thing to teach her about giving to others.

  4. I love her cut and color, gorgeous!
    Happy 10th, Katarina.

  5. Okay...this is FULL OF AWESOME!! What a beautiful thing to do! And I must say, the sassy short (and VERY stylish) cut TOTALLY suits her. It looks fantastic!! And the purple...FABULOUS!!! She could not look more adorable!! (and her beauty is inside and out, which is even better!!)
    Happy birthday, Katarina! You rock!!

  6. Gracious but she looks like her daddy with shorter hair! Never really noticed that before! And of COURSE I love the short spunky cut and color! High 5, Kat!

  7. Oh wow! That is a dramatic change! It looks great on her :) (and purple is my favorite color)

  8. What a great idea. My oldest will be 10 in March...maybe she'd like to do something special like that. I love the cut and the color - very cute!

  9. How awesome! That cut (and color) looks amazing on her. Happy decade Katarina!!

  10. Whoa, you're amazing for letting her do all these awesome decade things! I would have been a little scared, but I suppose you learn to let go of things, and hold onto others. What a kid and a happy birthday to her.

  11. I love her cut and color! Such a great sassy new 'do. Happy Double Digits Katarina!

  12. Your daughter is SO COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Happy Birthday Katarina! That hair looks awesome. And Tracie, you get a super cool mom award.

  14. Yey! I love it! What a fun way to celebrate the "double digits" (which is a birthday I still remember quite well!!!)

  15. I like the hair cut it looks good on her.......but I am a fan of short hair

  16. She is gorgeous. Happy birthday!

  17. I love her hair! She looks precious.

  18. I LOVE that she chose to cut her hair and donate it! But really that child is so gorgeous she could pull off any look. I do love the little Joan Jett thing she has going on!

  19. I love everything about this post..from you capturing the special moments, her reactions and the cut. WOW, she looks like a runway model. She picked a cut that fits her perfectly, she is absolutely stunning. Love your hair, too!