From Tracie: The Last Day Of Nine

Thursday, August 01, 2013

The Last Day Of Nine

This is the last day Katarina will be nine years old. Single digits. Little(ish).

It feels like the years have gone by as fast as flipping the pages of a flip book.

Kind of like this...
Katarina Baby
Katarina Baby
Katarina Age One
Katarina Almost One Year Old
Katarina Age Two
Katarina Two Years Old
Katarina Age Three
Katarina Three Years Old
Katarina Age Four
Katarina Four Years Old
Katarina Age Five
Katarina Five Years Old
Katarina Age Six
Katarina Six Years Old
Katarina Age Seven
Katarina Seven Years Old
Katarina Age Eight
Katarina Eight Years Old
Katarina Age Nine
Katarina Nine Years Old
It moved almost just that fast, and now we are here.

To the last day of nine.

Almost ten.

Katarina Ten Years Old
Katarina - One Day Before Ten Years Old
Silly. Thoughtful. Hopeful. Strong.

Ten years old.



  1. Love. Both of our girls will be turning 10 this fall, and it feels so big! Happy birthday to your beautiful, sweet girl!-The Dose Girls

  2. I remember when my mom cried when I turned ten; she kept on whispering to herself, "Oh my God I'm getting old!" It's amazing how kids grow so fast :)

  3. She is so beautiful. Wow, though, she looks so grown up in the last pictures.

  4. Oh my goodness, she's so grown all of a sudden!

    So beautiful!

  5. It is amazing how fast they grown. My oldest will be 15 this year, and is starting high school. How did that happen?

    I love your daughter's expressions in the last set of photos. She is certainly a beauty. You are going to have your hands full ;)

  6. This is a brilliant photo-recap of her life. I love seeing her grow in each picture. She has such a friendly face. Happy birthday to her :)

  7. Double's a big birthday! She is so beautiful, those big eyes!

  8. Gorgeous pictures. I especially love the last four and how they matched with the four adjectives you described her as. Wonderful.

  9. It's amazing how quickly our girls turn into little ladies...sigh...and we turn into older ones! lol

  10. Happiest of birthday wishes to your beautiful daughter! Trust that I know how quickly time flies. My baby girl is now 23!!!

  11. Just dies of the awesome! Happy Birthday, K! Love, Your Aunt Becky

  12. Loved all the photos seeing how she has grown and changed she is a right little beauty

  13. They grow so quickly, don't they? Happy birthday wishes, and many more years of joy to you both!

  14. Growing them is such bitter-sweetness. Love the photo montage.

  15. Happy birthday to your beautiful daughter! What a joy she seems to be.

    Yes, time does go by so quickly. My baby turned fifteen two weeks ago. She's driving. It's insane!

    Have a great weekend.

  16. What wonderful pictures! My oldest son turned 12 in May and I thought about how next year he'll be a teenager--YIKES!

  17. Love this! So fun to see the differences each year brings--and they do fly by waaaay too fast! :)