From Tracie: Stop Hiding-Stop Avoiding

Monday, June 19, 2006

Stop Hiding-Stop Avoiding

A couple of weeks ago during Wednesday night service some of the sermon points really hit home.....about going through crisis situations or depressing situations. I wish I had them here with me, but they are in the other room right now and I am just too lazy to get up and get them, but for now let me summarize it--

Talk to a trusted friend.
Don't "hide" from people.
Ask friends for help.
Ask God for help.

So here I am with an inbox foull of emails to respond to (you know who you are....). Not even bad emails or people I don't like, but nice, fun emails from friends. But some of these are two weeks old, and I just can't seem to hit "reply"--

It isn't even a crisis or depression-just hard to respond. Falling back into a pattern of avoidance and hiding for no good reason. My logical side knows that when it is the most important to reach out is when it seems the hardest, but sadly my logical side has been overruled by that other side-the one that likes to hide and avoid. So, here is a step in the right direction....I am going to click on "publish post". Maybe emails will be tomorrow.

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  1. Have a sunny, happy day. Here via Michele's!

  2. Baby steps. You'll get there.

    Here from Michele's...

  3. Don't pressure yourself. Tomorrow might be better, it might not. Do it when you can. Everyone understands...everyone's been there.

    Visiting from Michele's.

  4. I have some emails in my inbox that have been there for a couple of weeks myself. I hate when people don't respond to me, but somehow I end up "avoiding" too. One day it will hit you and you will answer a bunch all at once. You'll see.

    I'm here from Michele, but I am adding you to my favorites. Thanks for commenting on my site earlier too!

  5. Saying something like Kim. If there's a a day when I just can't do something, I'll leave it and next day I'll find I can do it with energy. We all need a break sometimes. Do hope today is the energy day, best wishes, The Artist.

  6. Thanks for stopping by my site today!

    Man, I definitely have been where you are and actually feeling that way myself - ok mainly at the moment because I hate packing and moving which is silly when I am also thrilled about the new place!

    Sometimes, to do everything you want to do feels a little overwhelming. At times, I just have to step back and realize it is perfectly OK just to let things go and get back to them when I really feel like it.

    Anyway -- sending lots of positive thoughts your way! =)

  7. Reaching out is good, but I think sometimes we are in electronic overload. Sometimes it is OK to ignore most of the e-mails, and just reach out to one person (like your partner)
    Michele sent me

  8. praying for you - enjoy church tomorrow