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Monday, August 28, 2006


I am back from vacation! It was wonderful........Katarina did really good on the five hour flight.......I have lots of fun pictures that I am too lazy to go through putting up tonight (but I will soon, promise!) Lots of great stories too........of course tons of cute things that Katarina said......all of this will have to wait though because there is something that just has to be said no matter what......

Did anyone watch the Emmy's tonight? I did.

I have to preface this with the fact that I am not even concerned about how stupid you may think this sounds or how much you may want to tell me that I am overreacting...........because I know that there will probably be lots of you who will tell me that in comments. But that is all right, becuase even if I am the only one out here saying it, someone has to.

Online predators aren't funny. Child molestation isn't funny. Adults who prey on children and sexually abuse them aren't funny........not at any time. Not for any reason.

Conan O'Brien wants to put himself in a bunch of TV shows for an opening to the Emmys?-I think it is beautiful-
Visit the Lost island? Sure.
Fall through the celing at The Office? Hey, I love that show, sounds good to me.
He wants to have phone conversations with the people of 24? Fine, who cares. It was humorous.
Get diagnosed by House? That's fine.
He can even be put into South Park if he really wants. I don't understand why he would want to(....but my South Park rant is a whole seperate subject to be adressed on another day.)

But.....To Catch a Predator is not a joke. It isn't a fictional story, and there is nothing funny about being a child predator. Nothing. It isn't funny to be one and it isn't funny to pretend to be one, or to pretend to be in any way associated with being one.

Do you hear me Conan O'Brien and NBC?? Child Sexual Abuse isn't funny.
It isn't funny and trying to make it into a joke was extremely offensive to me. Extremely.
1 in 4 girls will be sexually abused by the age of 18. This isn't funny.
1 in 6 boys will be sexually abused by the age of 18. This isn't funny.
Out of children aged 10-17, 1 in 7 are sexually solicited online. This isn't funny.


  1. Well, I happen to agree with you. I thought that partricular part of the opening was inapprpriate and offensive for the very reasons you said. The rest of the opening was fine and I actually laughed out loud!
    So you are not alone in what you felt about that, at all.

  2. Hi Tracie! Michele sent me!

    Ack! I missed the Emmys!

    And ew, that Conan joke was done in bad taste. :/

  3. You want to know something sad about this? I watched the opening, and enjoyed Conan immensely but now you have me wracking my brain bc I cant remember that part. So I should change it by saying I HALF watched the opening. This is where multi tasking is not a good thing.:(

  4. I missed the Emmy's last night but I can just imagine Conan's skit. I've never really cared for him to start with. It sounds like it was very inappropriate.

  5. I agree! I think that child exploitation is nothing to be joked about, especially given how serious the situation is now with social networking sites like facebook and MySpace.

    There was a new study that came out a few weeks ago that in 2005 1 in 7 kids is sexually solicited online. Apparently that number is down from 1 in 5 in 2000 - but still WAY to high. And further more, the number of "aggresive" sexual solicitations did NOT go down. I'd be interested to see that study re-done in 2006 with the social networking craze. Here's a link to the study if you're curious, the site also has some good internet safety resources for parents/kids:

  6. I missed the Emmy's so I didn't see that, but it sounds like it was in poor taste. I hope he was greeted with a lot of boos, or at least some blank stares.

  7. Conan's not always my favorite either, for just that reason.

    I mean, I can deal with excretory jokes, but I know too many people who have been abused in that way to even remotely find it funny.

    Way to speak your mind, girl!