From Tracie: My New Roomie!

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

My New Roomie!

Over there to the right is a thumbnail of my new roomie's blog. Please click on it and go meet her.

Her name is Les, and her blog is called "Crayons, Playdough and Wax".....who can resist clicking on a blog with such a cute name? I know that I couldn't!

Les has had - and is having lots of company and excitement; so go visit Colorado vicariously through her blog as she does all sorts of fun things (yesterday she visited the Olympic Training Center!)


  1. oh cool! I live in CO!

    Wendy directed me here!

  2. Oh, I've been to her blog before, here I go again ;). Here from Wendy's of course!

  3. I've been to her blog before, I'll go visit again!

    Waving hi to Tracie!

    Came from Wendy's!

  4. hi again tracie! here from wendy again.

    got some good ideas from Crayonsetc for field trips. yay!

  5. I'm BAAACCCKKK, did you miss me?? Wendy has a great thing going, eh?? Did I tell you that I love your roomie's blog design?? Not that yours isn't wonderful as well, of course. I need to add you to my bloglines, I have about 30 people in there, otherwise I forget to come visit and I lose people and all that, what a tangled web, eh?? Not to mention between lack of sleep and being interrupted every two minutes by the little guy, I have no attention span or memory at all ;). I need to find food and go to bed, Wendy sucked me in again, agh!

  6. Maybe you should make that a fish sandwich? ;) And make mine a Pepsi, not a coke. hee hee


  7. Hi again!!! I was going to comment on your TT post but it killed my browser for some reason, so I'm back here again ;).

  8. I've been there and I will be going there again! Thanks for the "heads up".

  9. Been to Leslie's many times before. In fact I'm HER roomie this week. Wait..does this mean she is subletting her closet to me from the room you've rented her? Hmm.