From Tracie: Pass the Guitar....and the Granola!

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Pass the Guitar....and the Granola!

The other night I was watching PBS (you know that you do it too!) and they had a special about Jim Croce on. It was great! And it reminded me just how much I loved all his music. My husband and I sat around singing all of his songs for the rest of the night.....good times.

Well, tonight we were watching PBS.
Yes, again.
And don't even say it-I do have a life. PBS on Sunday nights has great BBC shows like
"As Time Goes By" and "Fawlty Towers". I know you watch it too. Except tonight they were doing fund raising so instead of BBC we got a special on folk music-"This Land is Your Land". We had a great time watching all of those great folk groups back together again. We were even singing along.....even after it was over we sat in our living room singing folk music. We were on our way to becoming a strange singing family (yep, give us a tambourine and call us the Partridge Family) except for one important thing.......

My husband doesn't know complete lyrics to any song. He plays the guitar and he knows the notes and the rhythm to every song....he just doesn't know the words.

Time for an example? Okay......
Who could forget that great Seekers song "I'll Never Find Another You":
"There's a new world somewhere they call the promised land. And I'll la la la la if you will hold my hand. La la la."

Or, by the Lovin Spoonful "Do You Believe In Magic":
"Do you believe in magic in a young girl's hear? How the music can free her whenever it starts. It's like magic Da da da da da da. It makes you feel happy like an old time movie. I'll tell you bout the magic De de de la la. But it's like trying to tell a stranger about rock and roll."

But my personal favorite (because, he is a minister and based on the fact it mostly comes out of the Bible he should do much better on this one at least!) is Pete Seeger's "Turn"
"To everything turn turn turn. There is a season turn turn turn. And la la la la la a purpose under heaven. A time to la la. A time to laaa laaaa. A time to something. A time to move on. A time to ask and something la la not too late."

As long as I sing real loud (because I do know all the words!) I can block out his wrongness and we can have special family sing along times........with our Jim Croce and our folk music-it's great, really. It is....and for those of you laughing at me, I just want to say that I can drown you out with my happy music if I just sing loud enough "WHERE HAVE ALL THE FLOWERS GONE. LONG TIME PASSING. WHERE HAVE ALL THE FLOWERS GONE. LONG TIME AGO."
Now I just need to figure out how I can get one of those groovy buses with all the colors on it.....

And according to BooMama if I get the bus and a pair of birkenstocks I can harvest granola, Dude! It just keeps getting better and better (or scarier and scarier!)


  1. Tracie how can you be so mean, hubby and I obviously are 2 of many men that shop at the same lyric shop

  2. we bought the karaoke revolution game for our playstation... i thought it would be fun to all sing together as a family inthe living room where we dont inflict ourselves on others. my husband is a lyric mangler... even on karaoke where the words are right ther eon our televsion screen! i call him the "la la" king. maybe it is a florida thing, since he was born and raised there. haha

    also, when i was younger, time in a bottle by jim croce was my favorite song. and when i read his name tehre, that song ran through my mind, along with bad bad leroy brown and the lyric "you dont mess around with Jim, doot doot n dat deet deet deet dee dee.

    michele sent me, and i really enjoyed my visit.

  3. I am a lot like your husband...I know the music always, but rarely the words...Not true of everything, but more true than not, if you know what I mean...

    One day I will be posting about The Byrds, and of course, one of their first BIG hits, was "Turn, Turn, Turn"
    LOVE "Where Have All The Flowers Gone"....that is a great great song...
    It sounds like you bave a terrific time, in spite of your hubby's lack of lyrics...!(lol)

  4. my hubby doesn't know the lyrics or the tune and sings at the top of his lungs randomly all ding dang day long. At least you've got the tune part. :)

  5. Love this post! Because I love those songs. I've got the Seekers running thru my brain now, thanks to you! And I mean that sincerely!

    Visiting (this time) from Michele's!

  6. Hi Tracie!

    What about Keeping Up Appearances? I love that one too. Oh! And Are You Being Served. Do they still play those?

    I love Jim as well and Harry Chapin.

    I’ll keep on checking back!


  7. perhaps you should be banned from PBS ;)

  8. hahaha
    I not only don't know words to songs, I make up other ones in their place (which I'm sure are right) and have huge arguments with my husband about what the real words are.

    hi from michele

  9. I loooooooove this entry, it was so funny! Your whole blog is very interesting, I will come again!

  10. I can't remember the words to song either. I usually make them up and sing them so often that I forget they're the wrong words. Until I sing it in public.

  11. Believe it or not, when I was a kid, a friend and I turned around to every single turn in that damn song.

    Suffice it to say we weren't feeling too hot afterwards.:(

  12. I love Fawlty Towers and Are You Being Served?

    I don't watch PBS that much. I usually wind up watching that stuff on BBC America. If I didn't have satellite, though, you can bet I'd be on PBS a lot. Do they still have Austin City Limits on there? I used to love that show.

  13. Thanks for the link :-) - and I got so tickled reading about y'all singing those're right - all that was missing was some granola and some Birkenstocks. :-) Love me some Jim Croce, though...after all these years.

  14. Fawlty Towers rocks!!! I love that show! My sister-in-law gave us a VCR tape of 3 episodes several years ago. It was the first I'd ever heard of it. We still watch those 3 episodes over and over and quote them regularly. There's just something about a good British sit-com that American ones can't quite beat.

  15. Just letting you know that I'm back again... :-)

  16. Okay, you got me actually singing some of those songs! According to my family...that's not so good, LOL!

    Thanks for bringing me down memory lane.

    Great post.

  17. As Time Goes By is my husbaan and my favorite to watch together. Of course a couple times through and your about set. :) We don't have Fawlty Towers, though he loves that one and Red Dwarf, another we don't get. :(