From Tracie: A Skunk!

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

A Skunk!

Today we went to eat at this Chinese buffet that is in this little strip mall. When we left it was pouring rain!! I mean, flood-like proportions! So we decided to look into the little stores that were right there, one of which is a pet store.

We worked our way around looking at the birds and fish. (Strangely, this pet store didn't have any cats at all!) We even played with a puppy.

Then, Katarina saw it.........she went running over to it's cage........"It's a skunk, a skunk!" she cried in a loud voice. "Can we play with it!?! Can we get it out? It is so cute!" I quickly ran over and was relieved to see that it was actually a ferret. But it was a good reminder that she is not quite ready to go camping. She would be the only one running toward the skunk that would try to sneak in the campsite.......and everyone else would want to run away from her after she tried to pick it up and hug it!

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  1. Your blog header is beautiful and your story is a reminder of how wonderful and yet somewhat scary young innocence can be. :)

    Michele sent me over today.