From Tracie: Melancholy

Saturday, September 09, 2006


What good is a blog is you don't get to complain every once in a while, right? Melancholy. That is the word for today. Too much stuff going on. Too many unknowns. Too much other stuff. There are all these decisions running around in my head-some of which don't even need to be made for a whole year, but I think they are plaguing me becuase the ones that might need to be made soon are even further from being made than the future ones at this point. For a week now I have been staring at a project, knowing that it needs to be done by next week, but feeling overwhelmed by it, and depressed by it, and imposed upon by it.....and it is just a stupid project (one that I am even ashamed to admit what it is becuase you would all shake your heads and say "just get up and do it. that's not a big deal at all") projects shouldn't be able to have this effect on you. But it is more what the project represents for me that is bothering me (it doens't matter that I should have to do the project if the thing it represents was happening or not, my logical side just isn't working well this week, okay!) I am avoiding sleeping at night...and feeling tired all day (and that doesn't help me be more motivated to get up and do the project, now does it?) And really whatever happens is going to happen, so I really need to just give myself a good talking to and get up and do what needs to be done and stop thinking about it, overanalyzing it. (easy to say, not quite as easy to do).

Do you have any projects staring at you right now?

The Lost Girls gave themselves a project-to interview each other about Peru. You can find out what clothing item has been the most useful, what each girls biggest meltdown has been. Jen's biggest gross out moment has been people picking their noses, but trust me, that was tame compared to the other two. Just click on the thumbnail over to the right to get the whole scoop.


  1. Hi Michele sent me.

    My life is filled with projects lately, what with us just moving across state. I also have tons of decisions to be made. I finally got a small, sturdy wire-bound notebook and tossed it in my purse.

    I have a header at the top of each page with a room listed. Then I went through the house and listed what needs to be completed in each room.

    I also made a page for decisions; pros, cons, etc. Having a place to note these things allows me to get them off the brain and onto paper; it breaks huge tasks down into manageable bits. I'm not sure if this idea will help, but there it is nontheless.

  2. Maybe it would help to say what the project is....I mean to tell all of us what it is...I find that sometimes if I give Voice to something I am struggling with...suddenly the "problem" seems to clear up! Maybe just talking about it in this post will move that obstacle out of the way....I hope so, my dear!
    Have a lovely weekend.

  3. I hope everything goes smoothly for you. Then take a week and sleep. Ok that wouldn't work but take it easy anyway.

  4. "Do you have any projects staring at you right now?"

    Oh Lordy yes. Finally found a company that will wire the house for high-speed internet. The caveat?

    Gotta clean my basement so they can get down here.

    I'm so overwhelmed that I can't even break it down into small bits.

    gak. LOL

  5. i have a few things on the go, sometimes it leaves me feeling overwhelmed, othertimes, i look forward to it. i work best with lists, once it's on the list, i stop worrying about it, clears my head.
    making very late rounds from the tt, but posted here instead.

  6. projects? hmm yeah, getting my head examined. finding my purpose. making my kids more crazy, the list goes on and on
    and yes
    hammering away at Micheles

  7. In the midst of putting together a credenza and taking a break to blog. Does that count?

  8. I hope things are moving along now. When I don't have the motivation to do something, logic usually works for me. I just tell myself that no matter how much I put it off, I'm still going to have to do it. Sooner is better than later! Good luck!

  9. I feel the exact same way sometimes. I get frusturated and depressed, it just seems to pile up. I do know that the feeling of relief that I get when I finish a project is sometimes strong enough to push me to finish the goal.

    Just know there's a lot of people out there like that, you're not alone!

  10. Chin up girlie.....your def not alone! Everything I DO is a project these days!!

    I agree with whoever said List are the way to go.....always helps me.

  11. Well, some things can be very hard to get ready to do....

    For me, right now, I have an important phone call to make. And I just can't do it.

    I've run out of gas. Earlier, this would have been nothing for me.

    Now, it's like climbing Mount Everest!

    Good luck with yours :-)

  12. I have similar blocks regarding projects...but I find that the build up is what I would call part of the conception or germinating time period. Some projects are better served perhaps by letting them stew. Also, sometimes you need to go ahead and jump in, let them sit around and stare at them...we don't learn or aren't taught that sometimes we need to set awhile on something. I ama panter and artist...I believe that alarge part of the art process is well as action. I may work on a apainting for a week or two...but part of that is thinking about it, looking at it letting it make me fall asleep in exhaustion or keep me awake.

    although I believe sometimes insomnia is allowing something to have anegative energy over us and a form of guilt...we must ask ourselves what is going on here with my attitude, is it geminating and my creative spirit...or is it fear and doubt?

    A good question is what is more important...?

    The power to say no, or the power to act?

  13. Don't beat yourself up over your temporary inertia: we all, on occasion, reach the point where we simply can'y go on, where we need to stop and contemplate before we continue.

    I've learned that not all work comes easily. I don't always "groove" as a writer, and sometimes the words just won't come.

    It's normal. And time seems to do a wonderful job of helping us get past these speed bumps.