From Tracie: Organized!!

Saturday, September 02, 2006


For those of you who remember the great DVD orginization debate recently held in my household, I thought that I would give you a very happy update. Today........I finally talked my husband into alphabetizing. He still refused to alphabetize the tv shows, and some documentaries and music DVDs, but for the most part, all our DVDs are now alphabetized.

I like them like this. It is much better to have all of the different genres of movies mixed in.....and anything is better than his "location orginization" idea!
In fact, I am feeling inspired to watch all of our movies in alphabetical order. It would make for some interesting movie combinations.

On a completely different subject-my mouse has one of those scroll buttons on it that I use constantly and tonight I realized that for the past few days my right pointer finger has been feeling strange, kind of tender and sort of numb......and I have put it together that it is from the scroll button. Am I the only one this has happened to? Is this going to become one of those new computer-use-related-pains that people suffer from, will they give it some fancy name?


  1. I have my own DVD collection sort by genre. I have westerns, war movies, sci fi, comedy etc...

    here from Michele's

  2. I've always arranged mine in alphabetifal order, since it just seems easier to find what I want that way, but haven't tried watching them in alphabetical order .. That would start with a double features of All about My Mother and Almost Famous .. an odd combo indeed!

  3. Awesome job on the organization of your DVD's. I think I need to do that too. But first I would have to get a nice cabinet or something to put them in.
    Have a great Saturday.

  4. Awesome organization. I prefer alfa order too.

    Here from Wendy's.

    I get pains from the computer mouse too... it means I've been computin too long. Advil works great for it. hee hee 'cuz I can't give up my computin!

  5. Oh Wally world tanked 'cuz I was told by a Wally world employee that they were gonna clearance out ALL of the patio/garden stuff and they didn't.

    And about your organizing...I've been looking for a shelf for our movies but I can't find one that holds both VHS & DVDs that also spins...bummer.

  6. AMEN to needing something stronger than Pepsi.

  7. Sounds like RSI to me. I've been thankfully able to avoid problems with my wrists, hands and fingers, which is a wonder to me given how much time I spend in front of a computer.

    I guess I'll have to switch to a voice-activated headset if my fingers ever give out.

    Have you thought about looking into a more ergonomic mouse/keyboard layout? Some mice have features built into them - often software or additional buttons - that minimize the amount of scrolling and moving around.

    I dropped by from Michele's this aft, but I visit on my own, too! You're always a joy to read.

    (Congrats on the DVD reorg, too!)

  8. re: Williamsburg. Busch Gardens is giving the Military free tickets this we're doing that since we've been to Busch Gardens Tampa a whole bunch already (we used to live in Tampa). And then DD has been reading the American Girl books and just loves Felicity so we're gonna see all the places mentioned in her books...Governors Palace, Magazine, etc... there's a bunch of ticket plans and I think we're getting the America's Triangle which covers Williamsburg, Jamestown & Yorktown. I'll have the whole wrap up & review when we get back.

  9. Congratulations on your DVD Alphabetizing!!! If I had the place to put them...That is exactly what I would do, too!
    I'm being pushed out of house and home by my DVD collection! (lol)

  10. We alphabetize in our house, too. Keeps the DVD's (and me) sane.

    And yes, it sounds like you have an official Computer-Related Injury. :-)

  11. You wouldn't believe some of the unbelievable filing schemes I have run across, even in official government offices. In olden days in our neck of the woods, if someone registered a property deed under the name of LeBlanc, you had to look it up under "W" ... because Blanc in French is White in English. It sounds crazy today, but to someone back then it apparently made sense.

    To Love, Honor and Dismay

  12. We moved into this house 7 months ago and haven't organized the dvds because we can't agree on a system. How lame is that?

    Hey, thanks for commenting on my blog!

  13. Hi again Tracie! Back again from Wendy's...

    Looks like I'll be in virtual traction for a few weeks/months or whatever the virtual healing time is.

  14. fanks fer da kut paramediii guy budda he gabe meeee toooo much druggggggssss!

    her 'cuzzz Wendy said soooooo

  15. You're not the only one who alphabetizes her DVDs. My human pet does the same thing. She says it makes it easier when she tries to find something to watch.

    However, if she tells me we need to alphabetize my treats, food, or litter, I will know she has gone too far.

    Wendy sent me!

  16. Wow yours looks like mine..
    Wait how does that sound..

    Over from the other Michele's

  17. Wow, you alphabetized all your DVDs? I am totally impressed.

    Re. the mouse thing, I have that same scroll button on mine. My finger has never hurt, but I have had a weird feeling in my wrist before. (I work in front of a computer all day.) You might want to see if you can find any information on ergonimically corect seating in front of a computer. This should help you avoid carpal tunnel (sp?) syndrome.

  18. I used to have mine like that but then switched to the genre method and eh, it is a bit easier to convince others to follow. My 17 year old isn't the most willing to partake of my obsessive need to be orderly.

  19. There is no rhyme or reason to mine. You have lots of them. If I need a flick, I know who to call.... ;)

  20. Hope the scroll-finger-sydrome is better soon! I'm extremely impressed with the whole alphabetical DVD arrangement.. Mine aren't even stored in the same place!

  21. LOL

    I don't have many DVDs so I don't need any kind of organization, alphabetical order sounds great though.

    The scroll button thing sounds cool, I don't think I have anything like that.


  22. Very nicely organized! I need to get my husband to do something about his DVDs!

  23. I would love to alphabetize my CDs...but my babe loves to play with them so it would be a hopeless cause.