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Friday, September 22, 2006


I have been a crazy, lazy blogger recently (for the past 11 days or so to be exact!) Some of it was computer inaccessibility, and some of it was due to the situations surrounding my melancholy I posted about and "the project" (which I did do at least enough to get by....thanks for all the suggestions). And just to type a little more here without being able to actually say anything that will make sense to anyone but me, the project was pretty much done for nothing, and I may have to go through it all over again, and the melancholy is still here along with the sense of foreboding and the lack of knowledge about our immediate future and, let's just be honest, the stress and anxiety. Exciting, right??

On top of that I just haven't felt very inspired to write anything. So I thought that I would go look around at some of my regular reads (that I have neglected completely the last 11 days) and see if I could steal anything interesting from them. (yes, it has come to that) This prompts me to ask a you have a
family whistle? We don't, and honestly, I have never been able to whistle loud enough for this to be overwhelmingly effective unless you are standing right next to me in the aisle - and that would just make the whistle needless anyway.

Love Bugs!! They are everywhere. When I open my front door it is like looking through a black haze......that is how many of them are flying around my house. And every time my daughter walks out the door we have to have the assuring conversation that they won't bite her. The other day one almost flew into my mouth. Ew! If you don't know what they are,
here is a great explanation of them (because, like I said, today is a day for stealing other people's posts).

One thing that I haven't neglected doing is watching new tv!! Finally! I have been waiting for new tv for what seemed like forever.

In the spirit of unashamedly stealing other people's posts, I will refer you to Kailani for a wonderfully put together synopsis of
Grey's Anatomy just in case you missed it, or you are one of ten people in America who isn't watching it yet. I have to admit.....I was a little disappointed-from all the previews I was expecting to have the panties on the bulletin board happen at the start instead of the end. The flashbacks were interesting and gave some incite, especially the one with McDreamy and Addison. The doc or the vet?? Still no answer. I think that it will pick back up next week and get back to it's usual groove.

Do you watch SVU? A very interesting season opener. Here is the
info in case you missed it! I liked the return of "Star", it was very unexpected, and an interesting way to have Olivia gone (to be with the new baby I assume) for a while, but the show just isn't the same without Olivia and Elliot working together.

Here is a question....Does anyone watch 7th Heaven anymore? I watched it a long time ago with my mom, and then stopped. Last year was supposed to be the last year and so right there at the end I caught the last few episodes, there was just something nostalgic and important about having closure with the Camdens. Of course, as all shows, it had to have an outrageous ending-everyone is pregnant with twins. My first thought was, "wow, that will stink when they have to cast for a reunion show in ten years". All of the sudden though, the show isn't over anymore. When did this happen? I had been seeing the commercials talking about the new CW takeover and showing 7th Heaven, but I thought that it must just be reruns.....but now I realize that it will actually be new episodes. Will this show never end!?! All I can say is if you just recently had twins and you have show business aspirations for them, this will be a great time to get something set up with the CW, because they are going to need a lot of twins pretty soon. And I seem to be finding myself drawn to watching this show again......I can't explain why, but there is just something about it that draws you in and doesn't let go once it has a hold on you.

Okay, I am going to admit it here, publicly, for all to know. In the last couple of weeks, during commercial breaks, I have been watching Celebrity Duets. I can't help it. It just happens. Apparently it might be happening to
Risible Girl too, because Marie Osmond is invading her dreams. Scary. As good of a reason as any to make this show go away, because honestly, I could have lived my entire life without seeing Cheech Martin sing, much less seeing Alfonso Ribeiro (who will always be "that short, annoying guy from Fresh Prince")

Okay, what is the consensus on Men In Trees, because I have to say that so far, I think I like it. I like Abraham Benrubi. I think this character is working well for him. Much better than his ER character. (Is he going to do both shows?) Which leads me to say that I did watch bits and pieces of ER Thursday, but found it really hard to get back into after it being off for so long......I had pretty much forgotten what was going on. They should have reaired the last episode from last year before the new one to get everyone caught back fact, I found myself watching a lot more 6 Degrees than ER......... I think that I like 6 Degrees too. One strange thing, and it is probably just me, but when the Carlos' (Jay Hernandez) character talks, if I am not looking at the screen, something about the way he talks reminds me of George from Grey's Anatomy. Am I loosing my mind??

So there it is. What do you think you will be watching this season? Did I watch more tv in the last week than all of you combined, especially when you think about the fact that there is so much that I didn't type about?


  1. Michele sent me over, Tracie.

    Since I'm a guy I don't watch Grey's Anatomy. I think liking it comes down to gender lines. Not many guys seem to watch. I recorded ER but haven't watched it yet. I didn't like the first episode of Men in Trees but thought it had potential. Oddly enough, I liked the second episode a lot more than the first one. I hope the third episode continues to improve.

  2. I'm not watching Grey's, because after they got done with the first season here, they decided to show it all over again. I'd watch if it was the second season. But mostly, if anything is worth watching, it seems to get stuck late at night or at 1pm in the afternoon, while the evenings get filled with reality TV - nannies fixing problem kids, the diet police fixing problem bellies, decorators fixing problem homes - you name it, we get to watch other people being "fixed".
    Since summer is coming up here, I'm hoping the programmers will actually come up with something worth watching by the time winter comes round again. Otherwise I'm not going to get any ironing done (I hate to iron, do it all in front of the TV)
    Michele sent me.

  3. Here from Michele.

    If she chooses the McDreamy over the Vet I will quit watching Grey's Anatomy completely. You have to be some kind of disgusting sap to let the guy walk all over you like that twice. Especially when he is married and doesn't bother to tell you.

    BTW, I understand the name of the show, not only because of the character and the fact they are constantly getting into bed with each other; but because "Grey's Anatomy" is the name of the standard Anatomy Textbook of medical students everywhere. Also, in reality, interns in a surgical residency program would be way too overworked and tired to be jumping into bed for anything but sleep.

  4. I watched ER, which I had taped, last night...It made me cry. I think I was in a very teary kind of place anyway, but...the whole thing with Abby and Kovac and the baby...was very very touching...

    I watched Six Degrees, too...(Taped)...I liked it and will be interested to see how it develops.

    I watched Duts, too...I think because I like Lucy Lawless...She did the AIDS Benefit I Co-Chair every year...a few years back, and sanf, I wanted to see what this is all about. The Formula of the Judges, the same on all the Reality's okay....but, I cannot say it's something I just LOOOONNNGGG to see, you know?

    I LOVED Studio 60....I think it is wonderfully written and acted, etc.

    And I am looking forward to Brothers & Sisters...

    Men In Trees ha a Northern Exposure feel to it, but not nearly as interesting to me, I only watched the first episode.

  5. I am trying to catch up on 7th Heavaen. I watched it in the earlier years but I am watching reruns right now..I dont know why but I love the Camdens..Found you on teh TT blogroll

  6. I am so happy Grey's Anatomy is back and it is kicking CSI's ass in the rating so far. Take that, CBS!:)

  7. I want to watch Trees too, but missed it last week.

  8. Try not to worry too much about your blogging slump. We all go through it once in a while.

    I've never watched 7th Heaven but this season I'll be watching

    Grey's Anatomy
    Desperate Housewives
    Prison Break
    Ugly Betty
    Six Degrees

  9. Hope you're having a good day, and hope that each day gets better :)

    As for TV shows, I watched the first Men in Trees and liked it, but keep forgetting on Friday's. I need to tape it, I guess. We usually have "Date Night" on Friday nights and I just keep missing it.

    I don't watch Grey's Anatomy, we've always watched Survivor. But, I love 7th Heaven! I've watched for years, and probably caught most of the first couple of years in reruns. The Camdens are like personal friends, kwim?! I watched the finale and couldn't believe they did that line with them all pregnant with twins! And, now they are back... I will definitely watch though! Can't wait to see what they do this season.

    Take care!

  10. House is the only show I will not miss, but I am intrigued by Friday Night Lights and Jericho. If I can just make the time to watch them, now...

  11. I love this time of year. Tons of lady bugs crawl over my house. It looks so pretty.

  12. Gaaaak on the lovebugs! I've never heard of them before.

    Thank heavens we don't have them here. Miller moth season is bad enough!!

  13. Like you, I tuned back in for 7th Heaven's 'swan song.' Nice that the CW couldn't reach an agreement with the creators of Gilmore Girls for two more seasons, but they found it in their budget to resurrect 7th Heaven? Oh well. Good luck to them finding all the twins.