From Tracie: Thursday Thirteen #7

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Thursday Thirteen #7

Thirteen Things about Tracie

1. Have you seen the annoying commercial for "Head On"? The one where they basically just say "Head On-apply it directly to the forehead" about seventeen times. Well, yesterday I saw their new commercial where some guy pops up and complains at how annoying their commercial is, but how happy he is that the product works. All I have to say to them is this-the new commercial that is just the old one with some complaining added is even more annoying than the first one. Hire some better advertisers people!

2. Ahhhhhh Fall is in the air. And Halloween is quickly approaching. With the approach of Halloween comes a very important issue.....what huge, fun, and hopefully on sale bag of candy should I buy multiple packages of? Because even though I don't actually celebrate the holiday, there is no way that I can pass up on buying the candy! Especially those big bags with the different color tootsie rolls-those are the best!

3. Are you in the mood for some laughter? Mommy Off the Record and Izzy have the winners of the September ROFL Awards posted. Go check them out!

4. Last week a pen mysteriously appeared on my desk. No one knows were it came from or how it got there.....but you can't miss it, becuase it is the biggest pen in the history of the world! I keep trying to use it(becuase after all, it is purple and writes in blue ink which are wonderful qualities for a pen to have), but it is the akwardest pen to write with. So, in keeping with my photos of random things around my house, here is the big pen with a normal one beside it..........Can you believe this thing!?!

5. Today we went to McDonald's and let Katarina get a happy meal. They have been giving out little Polly Pocket dolls which are pretty cute and fully clothed. Today, they gave her this doll that kind of looked similar to a Polly Pocket, until you realized that it was wearing a tube top and low cut jeans. Needless to say we exchanged it for the baby toy (which was a cute Hello Kitty figurine that was actually wearing clothes) because my three year old does not need dolls that are wearing clothes she will not be allowed to wear! What are these people thinking?

6. Did anyone watch Law and Order SVU last night? I was impressed at how well Jerry Lewis did. But it was hard to love the episode due to the new blonde chick--she has to go. And it isn't just my love for Mariska Hargitay talking here-this lady is crazy. She just doesn't know what she is doing and it is driving me crazy watching her.

7. Here is some fun "googlies"............. someone found my blog with this search "is there a place like heaven are there pictures of it"--Well, yes there is a place, it's called heaven, and it is described in the Bible. Also this, "button pusher game"--I have no idea what that is, but I do tend to push my husband's buttons when I ask him to tell me exactly what was said in a conversation. He can't ever remember and it drives him crazy, but I wouldn't suggest it as a game. And finally, "When to tell someone I have been in prision"--I don't know how this got them here, but I am wondering if I should be worried about this person thinking my blog is the place to get that advice.

8. Katarina is very into time these days. She asks me at least 20 times a day "what time is it?" and she is trying to learn how to use a watch. I think she still has a little way to go, though. She took a nap today and after a couple of hours I heard her talking in her room and went in there to get her. I asked her how long she had been awake and she answered, "Not too long, about 45 hours"

9. I have a strange problem....buying curtains. I didn't grow up in a curtain house-we always had blinds and maybe a valance-bu never curtains. My husband is a curtain person, and I think that I want to be one, but whenever I try to go curtain shopping, I just can't seem to pick out any. It is like there is some curtain buying/decorating block in my brain that prohibits me from being able to choose curtains, I can't decide how colorful, or how long, or how thick to get them and so I end up going home without any. And then there is those curtain-scarfy-things that drape over the top of curtains, they look pretty at other people's houses, but I never know how they go on the curtains right and what color to get. And where we live the living room walls are kind of a dark yellow-the color is growing on me, but what color curtains goes with yellow walls? Anyone out there want to pick out some curtians for me?

10. This is a test to see if my mom actually reads my blog like she says she does. Hey mom--call me! I love you!

11. You know what is great about fall? Starbucks sells the pumpkin spice lattes and frappuccinos as well as other great seasonal, wintery flavors. Yum!

12. You know what would go good with the pumpkin spice latte--one of those big boxes of Godiva chocolates that they have at Barnes & Noble...........okay, I think I know one place that I will be visiting tomorrow!

13. Number thirteen is always the hardest to come up with, so I will leave you with this announcement: right now, my hair is in a pony tail. I knew you needed to know that. Happy Thursday everyone!

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  1. i saw the commercial --the new one- today for the first time. It is ridiculous! i did see law and order and i agree that Jerry did a good job. I was wondering, when i first saw the previews.

  2. I HATE dumb commercials!
    I am so glad we have tivo... I never have to deal with commercials :)
    I LOVE that FAT pen!!! Looks like it would be FUN to write with!

    Mines up now also!!!

  3. "BEEEEP This has been a test of the emergency Mother response system"

  4. well I was going to leave a comment about how I have gone back and forth between curtains and blinds about 3 million times in my life and every time I think I'm going to stay with the current window treatment method, then when something makes me switch back I'm pretty happy that way, too. All this to say... there IS life after blinds, Tracie :) however once I saw your mom's comment I was laughing too hard. lolol. tks for the chuckles you guys. (ps I'm a first time TTer so please go check out my list and link yourselves if you get a chance).

  5. 1) I dont like coffee but I cant wait for a pumpkin latte
    2)this is a great blog and I cant wait to read more
    3)that commercial makes me laugh

  6. I know someone who loves dumb commercials. Says that its the one that hits the market coz we can all remember them.

    Mine's up. Care to drop by?

  7. I'm not a pumpkin fan of any variety...seems I'm one of few. LOVE the pen though!!

    Happy TT, thanks for stopping by!

  8. Commercials are really sometimes deceiving.
    Mine's up too.

  9. That commercial bugs me too! You need to run out soon and buy lots of Halloween candy, it's a must. And you got me with Starbucks and Godiva, good grief! :)

    Have a wonderful day!

  10. Great list! One of the best things about Halloween is the big bags of candy that you don't see any other time of the year. I always feel tempted to buy about eight of them, but I know that if I indulged it would probably come with a few bellyaches and dental bills :( And I am very excited about the cooler weather that comes with Halloween.

    What is up with those McD's toys??? I would have sent that doll back and gotten the Hello Kitty too. The Hello Kitty was probably way cuter anyway...

    And I have similar blocks when it comes to buying curtains. DH is a curtain person, I'm a blinds person, and all the curtains I see in stores just seem to look so frumpy and ugly.

  11. I have a friend who waits all year for those pumpkin lattes! BTW, did your mom call?

  12. Cute 13! Thanks for stopping by mine earlier! I think I only saw the Philadelphia story once and although I recall it was good, it wasn't one of those ones that 'stuck' with me ... you know really made an impression / imprinted memory. For me Sophie's Choice was that kind of movie. O also Schindler's List.

  13. Mmmm...I had a pumpkin Latte last week, and saw my next new love-

    Maple Macchiatto...*swoon*

  14. A great read...I gotta say, as appealing as that pen looks, I hate fat pens...maybe because I have small hands, but any thick pen, hurts my hand if I write with it a few minutes lol.

    I am a total sucker for the mini chocolate bars...I might as well, just tape a few backs to each hip.

    Here via Michele's...have a great weekend.

  15. :::tilts head:::

    Are you sure that's a pen? It looks like something intende to insert medicial thingies in unmentionable places... O.O

    Here via Michele's :)

  16. What exactly is HeadOn? Is it for a headache or fever? They never say.

  17. hey give me back my pen!
    seriously, since i recovered from a broken arm and wrist 5 years ago i can't grip a skinny pen without pain or fatigue.
    fun list.
    thanks for viiting my tt this week.

  18. glad you came by... I have been so bad about reading any blogs since we moved... and this gave me an excuse to come and catch up!! :)

    And I love the pen... but I like pens that write in black ;)

    Happy TT!!

  19. This a great TT, Traccie...I love when these Thursday Thirteen cover many different things where I learn about new things or find out about something I'd forgotten, etc., etc....I taped SVU But haven't watched it yet....I'm starting to get a terrible backlog of stuff I really better watch pretty soon or I will need a WEEK to catch up! (lol) So, I haven;t seen the new girl yet...
    I HATE that commercial you mentioned...It could give you a terrible headache!

  20. hey your mom called me - to say she loves you too. and michele says hello

  21. Thanks for stopping by my blog yesterday.

    I saw SVU Tuesday, and even though my IPG told me Jerry Lewis was a guest star, I didn't realize it was him until they cleaned him up! Their makeup department did an amazing job.

    And I'm getting tired of the new partner too... why do Olivia's replacements have to know nothing of SVU cases?

  22. LOL re: the note to your mom!! Fun random list!

  23. Mmm...pumpkin latte. Those are pretty tasty. That's weird that nobody will 'fess up about the pen. That is huge! I'm behind on my L&O viewing, so I haven't formed an opinion of her yet.

    Thanks for visiting my TT.

  24. oh my gosh, where did olivia go? i had no idea! And I heart big pens, but they need to be black because of my job. Great list!

  25. Oh I want that pen. My hand always hurts when I write with a skinny one. :) Great T13 and thanks for stopping by.

  26. Beautiful picture in your blog's banner! Thanks for visiting my TT!

  27. Great list! I can relate to nearly everyone of them :-)

  28. 45 hours! That's precious!

    Thanks for visiting my Thursday Thirteen #15 "Repeat Real Me Edition". I have posted the answers!

  29. Starbucks and Godiva ? Can't go wrong with that !!

    Michele sent me ; have a great weekend !

  30. What a great post. It stirs so many memories, like one of my colleagues faux pas from last Halloween. He ran out of candy, so he started giving out packets of instant grits. Mmmmmmmmmm ...

    Tell you what. Having a broken hand, with a very rigid brace ot it, that pen looks perfect! I already scarfed all the fat pens I could find in the office just to make handwriting bearable for the next few weeks.

    Michele sent me.

  31. A most enjoyable 13!

    Has anyone seen my pen?

    Michele sent me.

  32. Hi Tracie!
    I enjoyed this post. I love pumpkin spice lattes and colored tootsie-rolls. :)

    The rule of decorating (re: color) is that if you make sure to have 3 of a color in a room, it looks intentional. Repeat each color at least 3 times.

    Your walls are a darker yellow, but what color is in your couch and furniture. Generally, most colors go with yellow except maybe shades of grey or dead colors like mauve. You can use rugs, vases with flowers, lamp shades, paintings, chenille throw blankets, etc. to help repeat a color.

    Decorating can be a headache. Always helpful to find photos of what you like, and then copy.

    Do you want to block some light coming in, or do you need the light in the room. If you need to keep some light, you could go with a double curtain rod, putting sheers on the back, and then solid panels on the front rod.

    Bed Bath & Beyond and Linens & Things are excellent sources for what's in style (rods and curtains, etc).

    If you're really serious about this, and would like some direction ideas, feel free to pop by my blog.

    If not, I've been long-winded for nothing, lol.

    Michele sent me!

  33. We have/had that crazy pen! It was a prize for one of those silly school fundraisers. It is too thick to write with. It's like writing with one of those gigantic pencils you used to get at a souvenir shop. :)

  34. Thanks for stopping by! We don't have a Starbucks anywhere close enough to make the trip for pumpkin spice lattes ~ but our local gas station has one of those Gullivers Travels machines that makes awesome Pumpkin Spice Cappicino ~ I love that stuff!

    Hope you have a great weekend.

  35. Do you know what I miss from Starbucks? Those little cups of melted chocolate they sold for awhile, that had about as many calories as a Big Mac. I'll just have to settle for a Godiva as you suggest.

    Also, you gave your Mother your blog address? As close as I am to my mother, I'm not sure I want her to know EVERY thought that runs through my mind.

    Thanks for visiting me today.