From Tracie: Update!!

Monday, May 21, 2007


Thanks for the comments and checking in on my life! I finally figured out how to delete the crazy anonymous comment on that last post.

Right now Katarina and I are still in Arizona visiting my family. (I'm borrowing my cousin's computer right now to check in) The wedding was beautiful and she was just the cutest flower girl ever!! Since the wedding there has been a ton of family events that we have been able to attend which has been great and also Katarina has gotten to spend lots of time with her cousins, playing, and with her Nana, being spoiled!!

We will probably be returning to Florida in the next couple of weeks. There are still no definite decisions about a new job for my husband or if we will be moving to Arizona for sure or not. It is a little frustrating not knowing what is in our definite future, but I know that God has a plan for us and that we will be fine.

Until the next update, here is some pics for you:


  1. What a sweet sweet picture! She is so very beautiful! And the Wedding Party is a wonderful picture, too!
    I hope you will know soon about Arizona...Enjoy your time there, sounds like you are having a lovely tine of it!

  2. what a beautiful flower girl! glad you are getting to hang with family for a while, too!

    here via micheles

  3. Omogish! You're back! I was wondering where you were. ;)

  4. Glad to see you're "back" theory anyway. At least you've been absent for what seems like good reasons!:)

  5. p.s. welcome back from your blogging break!

  6. How sweet she looks! Welcome back!

  7. Hey, I'm Ani. I wanted to let you know that I've added a link to your site onto the side bar of my own. As a survivor I'm trying to connect with as many other survivors as I can, such as yourself. My main blog is at if you want to check it out. If its okay with you, could I add a link to your blog there also? If you'd like you can add a link to either of my blogs here. Thanks so much.

    ~ Ani

  8. thank you for sharing the beautiful photos with us!

    I didn't know if you knew, but Jodi Larson, the creator of The Show of Hands, has passed on after cancer. I know you have a link up to her site and it's still there, but i don't know for how much longer. I put up a post about her a few days ago. peace.

  9. She is just the cutest little thing ever. Oh and I'm back now too. ;-)

  10. Hi Tracie. She's an absolute angel.

    I hope this comment finds you somewhat more settled and assured of your future. Please know that I'm thinking of you both, and hope that things are going well for you.

    I hope you'll drop me a line on my blog when you've got access and a free moment. Your voice is missed.