From Tracie: At My House: Knitting And YouTube

Sunday, October 04, 2009

At My House: Knitting And YouTube

I have been teaching myself how to knit. If you were at my house this week, you would have gotten to be a part of this conversation...

Thomas: “You know, you can look up knitting on YouTube, and learn how to do new stitches.” (my husband is a big fan of YouTube, me, not so much)

Tracie: “How do you know; did you try it?”

Thomas: “No, but they have that on YouTube."

Thomas, a few minutes later: "Have you done it yet?"

Tracie: “No. Did you? Did you watch YouTube, so you could learn how to knit?”

Thomas: “No.”

Katarina, chiming in: “Sure you did, Mr. I Want To Learn How To Knit But Don’t Want To Admit It!”


  1. You-Tube --- great source for learning to knit and starting arguments. LOL

    Stranded knitting is knitting with a strand of yarn in each hand. It makes "fair isle" patterns easy.

    On my blog --- the stranded part of the knitting is where the blue and white are spotted together.

  2. Ha! There are lots of great knitting videos on YouTube.

    I bet he peeked ... NetChick thinks so too :)

  3. thanks for stopping by my blog! the comment your daughter made was hilarious! kids are just too funny!

  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog and becoming a follower! You know, my husband looks up all kinds of crap on You Tube, but never admits it. I caught him watching a sewing video one day, but I doubt he's going to sit at my machine anytime soon.

  5. I can crochet but never learned to knit. Thank goodness for youtube. Sounds like Katarina is a hoot!

  6. That is HILARIOUS!!! I could see a similar conversation going on in my home with my hubs and either kid chiming in like that! (Except I don't ever dare start knitting!)

  7. Haha! Now let's see some of his creations!

    How did you choose Katarina's name? Just curios. I love it. I do think of Overboard with Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russel every time I read it.