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Monday, October 19, 2009

-Blog Button

Since I have been away from blogging the last couple of years this new thing has happened....buttons.  It seems like everyone has got one.  And if everyone else has one, of course I want one too (I will also jump off of a bridge if all y'all successful bloggers decide to do that, so just give me a call, okay?)

Last night I set off to find out how to have one of these buttons that I could call my own.  I found Rainy Day Blog Design, who had a great tutorial on how you can make a button.  I followed her instructions and was rewarded with that cute button you see up there......

But there was one little problem.  When I went to admire my new button that proclaims me to be just as cool as as all the super bloggers out there,  I noticed something.  I didn't have one of those cool boxes underneath that allows someone else to grab my button.  I realized that a button doesn't do me any good if I am the only one who can have it.  I needed more help, so I went on another search and found the Cincinnati Women Bloggers who had the answer. (thankfully I didn't have to prove my Cincinnati residency since I don't have one) Whew!  Now I have a blog button and a little box underneath it with the text so that other people can have my button too! 


  1. Yey for your button, it's super cute!!! I just might have to grab it :) I recently figured out how to make one myself! :)

    Thanks for your sweet comment too :)

  2. I think the buttons are super awesome too. I've been trying to figure out how to make one for weeks. I love the cool cartoony ones people have. I need one of those...I don't know why.

  3. So you are back in blog world,there are certainly some things changed, I don't notice it because I am blogging since 2006 non stop,lol !
    I don't see the importance of a button. For what should I use one ?

  4. Well that is just too cool! :) Maybe I will try it.

    Thank you much for all of your sweet comments on my blog--that you are praying for our family. I am so touched by that.

    My best friend is a childhood sexual abuse survivor, as well. She is my hero! :)

  5. I've recently returned to blogging - still haven't figured out all the buttons and stuff but am writing now with the attitude that those who want to read it will come :-) I look forward to reading you.

  6. Ah, man. I can't keep up with this stuff.