From Tracie: -Awards!

Monday, January 25, 2010


I don't usually watch all of the awards shows.  If I happen to catch them on I will watch at them, but I never plan my week around it.  This year, Thomas wanted to watch the Golden Globe Awards.  Ricky Gervais was hilarious.  Monique's speech was fabulous (words I never thought I would type!)  I was disappointed that Precious didn't win best drama.  I haven't seen Avatar, so I can't say for sure that it didn't deserve to win, but I have to say that from what I have heard, it probably didn't--maybe some type of animation award would have been good because that is the only part that everyone seems to like about the movie.  The only other noteworthy moment of the night was when Kevin Bacon didn't thank his wife.  After Robert Downey Jr's speech I looked at Thomas and said, "Right now Kyra Sedgwick leaned over to Kevin Bacon and said-you could have at least not thanked me" and then she kicked him under the table where no one else could see.

This weekend the SAG Awards came on.  Thomas wanted to watch it (apparently he has a large love for awards shows that I never knew about before) We were watching it and I suddenly got this feeling of de ja vue.  Hadn't I seen all of this last week?  Christopher Waltz, Sandra Bullock, Michael C. Hall, Julianna Margulies (instead of Mariska Hargitay! Really people?!?), Kevin Bacon-at least this time he thanked Kyra........ What was going on?  Other than swapping out Tina Fey for Toni Collette for best actress in a comedy series, and having a few different categories, it was basically the exact same awards show (minus Ricky Gervais/plus different dresses)  What was the point of that?  Why did we bother having two different award shows where the same people win?  Also, I wonder, why did the SAG Awards happen on the same weekend as the Sundance Film Festival?  Shouldn't that have been planned out better?  The only exciting thing that I have to say about the SAG Awards is...Yay for Betty White!  I love her!  The Mary Tyler Moore Show, Golden Girls--she is awesome!

On the topic of awards.  I got an award from Chantel.  It isn't a Golden Globe, but I am still very excited about it.  She gave it to me back in December, but I am a procrastinating, slacker of a blogger, so I am just bragging about it now.  Thank you Chantel for making this moment of happiness possible!

Now, there is always rules, and here are the rules for the Happy 101 Award.  I am supposed to list things that make me happy and pass it on to some peeps!

-Just looking at the picture of this award makes me happy-sunsets and cupcakes....Nice.
-My sweet daughter, Katarina.
-My wonderful husband, Thomas.
-Friends who realize why I get upset when I read articles like this, and agree to write letters to idiots with me explaining to them why they are stupid!
-YOU...all my blogging friends.......

So I am giving this award to everyone who wants it.  Spread a little happiness around at your blog and let us know what makes you happy! :-)


  1. Kevin Bacon DID thank his wife at the Golden Globes. He sometimes calls her Kikko so when he thanked his family he mentioned Kikko, Trav, and Sos.

  2. I will stand corrected on that one. :)