From Tracie: -Fragments on a Friday

Friday, January 08, 2010

-Fragments on a Friday

Mommy's Idea

This is Friday...the day that Mrs.4444 helps us to oprganize all of the fragments in our mind and allows us to call it a post. A great thing for a sometimes-scatterbrain, random person like me!

~I was reading Unruly Helpmeet this week, a funny story about her three year old and a blue leotard, when Thomas asked me what I was laughing at, I read it out loud to him.  Katarina was in the backgroud playing, and after hearing this story she said, "Ha, Kids.......wait a minute, I'm a kid!"

~It is supposed to snow here on Saturday night at about 2am.  Shhhhh don't tell Katarina, if it does we are going to wake her up to play!!  .......not that it will be that much snow since we are in Florida, lol, but any snow is a big deal to us!

~I said at the first of the year that I was going to try to get into this whole Twitter thing....I think I am addicted now.....does anyone want to stage an intervention?

~I need to take a poll.......Thomas thinks that now that Katarina is 6, she needs to stop saying mommy and start saying mom.  I think that he is crazy, and she can say mommy as long as she wants. I also think that he might be a little jealous since she never did say daddy (it has always been dad or father) but he denies it.  What do you there a cut off age for "Mommy"?

~Talking about Twitter, I found HootSuite and love it,one helpful thing you can set it up to do is to read your RSS Feed and automatically send out a "chirp" whenever you publish a new blog post.  This has been working great....until yesterday, when it decided to not only put my new post on Twitter, but also publish it as a status update on Facebook!!!!  Ahhhhhhh  Yesterday was not really the day that I planned to announce my blogging to the world of people who I know in real life!  I couldn't delete it fast enough!  I did get a nice comment from my sister-in-law-in-law about it, which was sweet, but I was still very freaked out.  I will always wonder how many people saw that now......hello real life people......feel free to leave a comment and say hi!

~Alabama won last night.....ROLL TIDE!!!!!

Happy weekend y'all!


  1. You can have some of Michigan's snow to play in... I don't want it lol.

  2. No more "Mommy"? Is he serious?
    I am 34 years old and I still call my Daddy...Daddy!
    My mother if she were still alive today would still be Mama (I never said Mommy, all us girls said Mama, must be a southern thing)
    There is nothing more beautiful in this world than the love of a child for their Mommy and Daddy.
    Doesn't matter if you are 6 or 66!

    At least that is my ever-so unhumble opinion. LOL

  3. If it snows, I'll be out playing in it too. ;-)

  4. Nope, definitely no cut off for Mommy!!!! They grow up too fast as it is!!!

    Ooohh!!! Will check out Hootsuite, I've been looking for exactly that..yey for you for making it easy for me ;)

  5. I haven't heard of Hootsuite, so I'll have to check that one out. I really fell off the blogging bandwagon in 2009 for two reasons - Facebook and Twitter. Both just seemed so much easier (shorter) than blogging. And I admit, I'm addicted to too many games on Facebook :)

    Have a great day and weekend :)

  6. As hard as I tried I just couldn't get into the twitter addiction.
    'I'm a kid' =WAY too cute!!!

  7. Hate the twitter. I got enough to do without micromanaging my thoughts. lol

    Hmm, well, my friend Melissa still calls her mother mommy and she's passed. I think it's a little creepy, but she's 35.

  8. What? There's no cut off age for "mommy"!
    Now granted, I personally was embarrassed around ten years old when I wanted to call my mom "mom", but she still insisted on "mommy", but I think she should get to call you whatever form of the name that she is comfortable with.

    Good luck - I hope you get the snow! What an exciting story she will have to tell - a night to remember!

  9. Kids tend to go from mommy to mom on their own, not need to hurry it.

    I'm afraid of Twitter. I've already been two timing my blog with Facebook.

  10. Omg...I didn't think it was possible to get addicted to twitter when I first started either...but it gets addicting quickly!! I'd thought about checking out HootSuite...but I may go check it out as soon as I "leave" your blog! Thanks for the tip!

  11. Hmmm... I'm a dad and my daughter calls me daddy, but I kinda see your husband's point. I think, at least, he is just eager to see her grow up. I know they grow up too fast, but not to long ago I saw a 4 year old at a wal-mart in diapers, and I see lots of 3 and 4 year olds (at least they look 3 or 4) whining and throwing fits,... heck I saw one with a pacifier. I know I'm probably wrong and that there is a difference between undisciplined brats and sweet little girls saying mommy, but for us guys, sometimes we worry there isn't. Anyway, always love your posts and thanks for visiting mine.

  12. I hope you get your snow - for your daughter's sake. I'm sure she will love it!

  13. With the snow forecast in Belgium it's always the same. When they announce snow and make panic, it doesn't snow and when they say nothing suddenly you find yourself in a chaos !

  14. I hope my kids call me Mommy forever! If they called me Mom I would just feel SO OLD.

  15. I'm resisting Twitter. I'll probably crack someday, but today is not that day!

    There is no cutoff for Mommy. Why on earth would ANYONE think that?!

  16. I say let her use "Mommy" for as long as she wants. I know adults who still call their mothers that, and I find it rather endearing.