From Tracie: -Hermie & Friends: Antonio Meets His Match

Thursday, January 21, 2010

-Hermie & Friends: Antonio Meets His Match

I have enjoyed reading and reviewing books for Thomas Nelson, (even though they now choose to call themselves "Book Sneeze" which freaks me out a bit) it is fun to open up the mail and find an envelope with a book inside.  Katarina always looks longingly at those envelopes and asks, "Is that a book I can read when you get finished with it?"  So, when I saw that Hermie & Friends: Antonio Meets His Match from Max Lucado was available, I thought it would be fun to request something "Katie-ish" this time.  This movie teaches the lesson of Luke 10:27 "Love your neighbor as yourself".

Here is the Katarina review:
Q. What did you think of this movie?
A. It was good.

Q. What was this movie about?
A. It was about loving your neighbors.  The Scottish ants move in and Antonio tries to love them, even though they are so annoying and mean.  He saves the new ants from a frog that they called the Swamp Ness Monster, and then they become friends.

Q. Does loving your neighbor mean that you just have to love the people who live next door?
A. No, it means all the people who you come in contact with, people from other countries, and the people who live next door.

Q. What was your favorite part?
A. The end, where the caterpillar tells the ants to play their bagpipes and Max Lucado whispers "Help me!" It is funny.

Tracie review:
I thought this was a cute movie.  It was a little young for Katarina, I would say it is probably targeted to 5 and younger kids.  It did a good job conveying the biblical principle.  There is also a little short cartoon at the end which spoofs the Cinderella story that was cute.  It is a good chance to pop some popcorn and cuddle up with your preschooler and learn the lesson that when God says to love your neighbor, He really means to love them no matter what!

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