From Tracie: -Thirteen Things on a Thursday

Thursday, January 28, 2010

-Thirteen Things on a Thursday

Thursday Thirteen #8
Here is my list of randomness.  If you have thirteen things you can share them here.

1. Yesterday my friend sent Katarina the cutest little Tinkerbell toys-her house and figurines of her and some other fairies.

2. Here is a picture of the fun......

3. My husband, Thomas, hates to take medicine.  It doesn't matter what it is or what it is for, he hates to take it. But he has a cold (I can't imagine where it came from) and today I forced him to take some sudafed.  By the second dose we were treated to many special moments.

4. At one point he woke up for a little bit and Katarina asked him to play Tinkerbell with her.  Just to show you how tired he was, he agreed. (I'm not exactly sure he knew what he was agreeing to) 

5. As he was dozing, I asked him what he was playing with, and he said, "a doodle". 

6. After another nap, Thomas informed me of this important fact, "I'm a doughnut!"  Just in case I didn't hear him the first time, he reiterated it about three times.....loudly!

7. As we were talking to him about his new found doughnut-ness, amid much laughter from Katarina and me, he said, "I feel like I am being attacked by mosquitoes with voices!"

8. Toys R Us is so much fun!  We were there on Monday doing this......

9. After that, we did a little bit of this.......

 It is really nice how they provide those nice comfy chairs for impromptu naps, isn't it?

10. I love the Angela Shelton Foundation!  It exists to inspire and empower all survivors of abuse to lead joyful lives. The foundation also runs the Survivor Manual.

11. My friend Megan also loves Angela, and the work that she is doing, so she has decided to have a blog-a-thon.  She will be staying up for 24 hours, starting at 6am on February 6, 2010 to raise money for the Angela Shelton Foundation.

12. You can read about it here.  If you want to get involved, you can go here.

13. I'm off to go cuddle up with my doughnut!  Happy Thursday everyone!


  1. Good Morning Tracie,
    Thanks for such a sweet blog today. Your children are adorable. I love the photo of you and your daughter, and yes, I believe that's what those big ole chairs are for.


  2. They are really cute, these Tinkerbell toys ! Being sick is no fun, poor boy !

  3. Your son sounds like a hoot. Don't eat that doughnut!!

  4. When I'm sick I feel like spaghetti. So I know what he means.

    I hope that chair was vibrating!

  5. After my first visit to Toys R Us when the management threatened to throw us out if my son touched one more toy (he was only touching, not actually playing and not breaking) I kind of avoided the place.

  6. Yeah, I'd pass on the doughnut too! lol we've been sick around here too!

  7. Hi Tracie, everytime I take my son to Toys R Us I feel like I've been robbed, lol! That's a lovely Tinkerbell figurine.

  8. Shopping at Toys R Us makes me feel like I need a nap! Thanks for sharing your 13 today.

  9. We have been battling colds in our house, but luckily, there have been no doughnuts (or doodles).

  10. The Tinkerbell toy reminds me of the Charmkins I used to play with. and being sick sucks!

  11. Love the randomness. We avoid Toys R Us because I hate saying no. ~ Calico Contemplations

  12. Fun photos. Hope Thomas is feeling better soon.

    My TT: More Than Enough

  13. Doughnut? Oh dear.

    And I once worked graveyard shift stocking crew at Toys R Us. We wanted to make t-shirts that said "Night Stocker".

  14. I'd never heard of this toy. sounds like fun.

  15. Our local Toys R Us smells like plastic and it gives me a headache! Great TT list.

  16. I love your list. I like hanging out at Toys R Us w/ DS. I feel like I'm a kid again whenever I'm there.

  17. Cute toys! Either your husband is very sensitive to medicine or you really dosed him up! LOL

  18. Fun list and photos. Can't go wrong with random.

  19. I think it would be lovely to have a donut for a husband. Sounds comforting.

    Getting Reacquainted in 55

  20. I've never seen those chairs in ToysRUs. maybe it different here in England?

    I also had a bash at a Thursday Thirteen, but it took me until Saturday to finish it!

    It's here

  21. Oh, wow. That medicine really did him in. No wonder he doesn't like to take it.