From Tracie: -Project 365 - Week 7...and the Best Blog Post EVER!

Monday, February 08, 2010

-Project 365 - Week 7...and the Best Blog Post EVER!

A week of my pictures.....
Katarina got a magnifying glass and my husband, Thomas,  promptly taught her how to use it to burn her name into some palm "bark"   There might have also been some leaf casualties. 
Katarina reading her new book.  
Doughnuts.....the way to my heart!
Fly woodpecker fly!

For my last picture of the week you will have to visit the Best Blog Post EVER! Megan's 24 hour blog-a-thon was yesterday; she raised $570 for the Angela Shelton Foundation....welcome to the highlights!  For the full effect you should put on a little "Walk Like an Egyptian" and be prepared to embrace your inner 80s.


  1. You had a good week. I can smell those donuts and that candle. Your daughter is adorable.


  2. So how was the candle? I've been looking for some that are REALLY smelly. I don't really want to pay $30 for a candleberry, but nothing else I've bought so far smells strong enough to smell it all through the house.

  3. mmm I have got to buy that candle!

  4. Hi Tracie,
    I could eat a dozen of those heart shaped, yummy looking donuts! And a cinnabon candle, yummy too.

    Your little Katrina is a doll baby.


  5. Hear shaped doughnuts? Yes please!

  6. Ahem...that should be "heart" not hear shaped dougnuts. I'm a genius!

  7. Your pictures are really great!! You really have a taltent for that. It help having a beautiful daughter to :)

  8. Love the donuts! They look so delicious I can almost smell them!