From Tracie: -Adventures in Odyssey Take it from the Top

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

-Adventures in Odyssey Take it from the Top

I listened to Adventures in Odyssey as a kid.  I remember loving it when I would catch it on the radio, I would immediately be pulled into Odyssey, imagining Whit's End and the Imagination Station.  Now that my daughter is six, it is a great age for her to sit and listen to all the adventures the kids of Odyssey are having, and all the important truths they are learning!  When you have fond memories of something from your childhood, and years later you go back to it and, in this case, listen to it, you never know if it will be the same as you remembered it.  Will it still be funny, heartwarming, interesting, and well done?  As far as Adventures in Odyssey is concerned, the answer is yes!

The newest cd set from Adventures in Odyssey is called Take it from the Top, and it is just as great as I remembered Odyssey to be.  Old friends like Mr. Whitataker, Connie Kendall, and Eugene Meltsner are there, as well as new families, the Parkers and the Jones.  Whit is still inventing new things, and teaching important lessons to the kids who come into his shop, and Chris is still there at the end to wrap it all up with a small lesson and a Bible verse.  I learned something too, it is so much nicer to own the episodes than it is to try to catch them on the radio.  This way you can listen to more than one at a time (which is especially nice when they are "to be continued", because I hate having to wait) and you can always rewind if you miss something.

I was provided a free copy of this item by Tyndale.


  1. OH wow I had never heard of those until a few years ago when Local small powered Christian station began playing them. I can no longer find them on the radio anywhere I will have to find the CD series..

  2. That sounds great! And isn't it fun to experience something from our youth again through our child?

  3. yeah you can find it through Christian Book Distributors CBD or the website or through local Christian bookstores or ones like Northwestern Books if you have one in your area. I'm 23 my sisters 27, and we both still listen to Odyssey!