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Friday, March 12, 2010

-Glimpse Into My World

This has been a busy week around my place.  Here is a glimpse into my world.....

-Today is six weeks that my husband has been without a cigarette!  I am so proud of him for breaking that awful addiction!  You are strong baby and I love you!

-Katarina got a haircut and lost a tooth this week (pictures on my Project 365 on Sunday) big stuff when you are six!

-Nicole wrote a special note to her Belly Button that I can't help but share! 

-There is this commercial for a pregnancy test that drives me crazy!  It says, "Four out of Five Women don't know how to read a pregnancy test"  .....Really?  Four out of five women can't read instructions and tell if a pink line means pregnant or not?  This has to be the most condescending commercial designed to get women to buy something.  If you want me to buy your product, don't insinuate that I am stupid!

-Thomas stopped at a garage sale and found a really fancy Barbie, still in her original package for $1.00  Unbelievable, right?  He brought it home to her, she was very excited, and I opened it up.  At this point I realized exactly why this Fancy Barbie was such a bargain......She sings!  In that annoying, high pitched, grating doll voice!  Two different songs!  WHY????????  *praying for early battery failure doesn't make me a bad mom, does it?

-Every so often I read news stories that make me want to throw my moniter out the window...and then I share them with you.  I'm nice like that!  Today is one of those days.....In 2001 Judge Robert N. Chatigny decided that the public's ability to view the sex offender registry in Connecticut to find out if a dangerous predator was living next door was unconstitutional, because that offender might not be a threat to the public (yeah, right!) so, he ordered it shut down.  Thankfully the Supreme Court unanimously reversed it.   Then in 2005 he put up a pretty big fight for a convicted rapist and murderer, Michael Ross, (his youngest known victim was 14 years old) even though he was the judge (who should be impartial) and not the defense attorney!  What I don't understand is, after this pro-sex offender track record, why would President Obama nominate Robert N. Chatigny for the Court of Appeals?  And why would Senators Chris Dodd and Joe Lieberman support it?  I'm not concerned about the politics of the thing....I am concerned for women and children in this country when judges like this are placed in higher and higher levels of power. 

-Now for a change of pace......this is the Funky Monkey Dance....brought to you by Angela Shelton....

If you have any fragments from your week that you want to share, but they just aren't worthy of a full blog post....put them all together and go visit Mrs. 4444 she loves them!

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  1. Yay for your hubby quiting smoking :) That's awesome! Have a good weekend!

  2. That's disgusting about the judge. My goodness!!!

  3. Six weeks without a cigarette?! That's awesome! Yay!

    Those pregnancy test commercial drive me nuts too.

    Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest!

  4. That is awesome news about your husband! Love that funky monkey dance!

    Happy SITS Saturday!

  5. Yay for your hubby quitting smoking! I'm jumping on that bandwagon soon, and having tried many times in the past, know that it is very hard to do.

    I agree with you on condescending commercials. I'm not gonna go out and buy a product after you've made me feel like the reason I need it is that I'm obviously stupid.

    Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest!

  6. I can so relate to you and your outrage about sex offenders and their "rights." I have a registered sex offender who lives .7 miles from my house (and 1 mile from the elementary school at the end of my street. Is that legal??? I thought they had to be so many miles away from schools?? Why does it feel like they have more rights than the innocent children we are trying to protect? Oh...and my district is a non-bussing district which means that all of our kiddos from kindergarten up to high school WALK to school!

    Anywho...sorry to get off on a tangent! Happy Saturday Share Fest from SITS!

  7. Ha! Love the belly button bit, and congrats to the hubs for breaking up with butts. It's so hard, on both him...and you!!! Hope you've survived as well.

    I'm on fire about these sexual offenders right now. I just moved to CT and the first thing I did was look for the bad guys in the area. Let me start by saying that if you harm a child that way you should forever surrender your rights to a normal life! We should tattoo these people, we should never let them out of jail, I don't care if they served their debt to society, they should be publicly marked!!!!! They don't get better, I'm sorry, they don't. And more than likely it's because someone did something along the same lines to them as a child....see the vicious circle????

    I'm so upset about those young girls in California and what that man did to them AFTER the prison psychologist said he would and that he will always be a danger to young women (and truth be told you can see how a young girl might be drawn to him...he's sort of attractive in a bad boy kind of way!)

    We need a national registry, a tracking system, or castration! Why is this not a national priority, it's our children we're talking about.

    Oh, sorry to go off like that.

    Happy Saturday Sharefest!!!!

    Alex aka Ma What's For Dinner

  8. Hiya from SITS! Congrats to your hubby- I know that's such a difficult thing to do. I have a good friend who's 3 weeks into's been a loonnnng 3 weeks!

  9. Wow- what a Barbie deal!

    Stopping by via SITS.
    Have a great Saturday!

  10. Congrats to your husband. Smoking is such a difficult habit to break. And I hate that commercial too! As if we can't read a damn pregnancy test. Where's their research? Are there hoards of women walking into their doctor's offices and saying "I'm not sure, I peed on this stick but I just can't tell if there are two lines or just one!" As. If.

    And no. Wishing for battery failure does not make you a bad mom. I do it all the time. ;)

    Happy SITS Sharefest.