From Tracie: -What I Meant to Say About YoTweeps

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

-What I Meant to Say About YoTweeps

On Wednesdays I love to stop by Cheif's and see what she was meaning all week long while trying to be nice!  But this week, it has been preempted by Yo Tweeps.

What I said when I heard about this was, "Fun, a new blog carnival.  I'll do it!"

What I mean to say was, "What, how will all those people get to share their innermost thoughts now?  You are messing with the delicate balance of my blog schedule! Besides, I'm already following you crazy Tweeple @SupahMommy @CheifsHiding @Princesssarcasm @Melissasbath............but, if you have more crazies out there....bring them on!  You can never have too much crazy, right?"

So here is the deal folks......

You twitter?  Of course you do!  Is anyone reading those tweets?  Sure.  Would you like more people to read them?  Absolutely!  Here are Supah's rules....rules that must be obeyed!

1.  Follow me on twitter.  Click on this...... Follow fromtracie on Twitter
2.  Shout me a hello on twitter.  #yotweeps then I'll know you followed and I'll reciprocate.
3.  Grab the Yo Tweeps Button
4..  Place it on your blog.  
5.  Put a twitter icon / link on your blog post like I did.
6.  Link that post up over at Supah's place.
7.  Visit some other YO Tweeps linkers on the list.
8.  Follow them if you choose, and shout out to them on twitter that you did. (use that #yotweeps hashtag when you do)
9. If someone follows you, reciprocate. It's that easy.

See you around the Twitter-sphere Tweeps!

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