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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Penny Creek's Story

This is Penny Creek's Story, in her own words...

I was raped, beaten, and left for dead in Feb of 2005, and after 8 surgeries and 5 years recovery, God has led me to start the Beauty for Ashes Ministry, to speak out and help victims become survivors, to bring them out of the ashes of child abuse, sexual abuse, marital rape, date rape, all forms of sexual assault, past and present, and bring them through from the ashes these things left into the beautiful life and persons they truly can have and are.

Those who I give credit to for my survivorship is first and foremost Christ Himself, then my advocate, Brandi Watson from Albion Fellow Bacon Center in Evansville, Indiana, along with Detective Jim Harpenau, who has never given up on the case, my sister and brother-in-law who took such good care of me in the immediate days after the attack, my angel of a husband who has stuck by me even when I was cowering in my closet. Praise God for the right people in such a tragic time!

Beauty for Ashes Ministry, Inc is a non-profit organization that advocates for victims and their families through the medical and legal process, ensuring they are properly taken care of and informed of their rights.  I give biblical counseling while understanding the need for the natural cycles of a sexual assault victim and their loved ones to take place.  I also make referrals to agencies should the need arise and the interest be there. I tell my testominy of surviving at churches, train law enforcement, speak at public forums such as campus groups and rotary clubs.  I have training in many issues including DNA collection, it's importance now and in cold cases, and dating violence which is a great topic to cover with parent groups and youth groups. All is free of charge.
Contact Info: Penny Creek, Executive Director, Beauty for Ashes Ministry, Inc. 1-888-795-4795 or I am also on facebook.

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  1. Marital Rape is something that many people do not believe in. For so many of us survivors it wasn't until we were married that the full effect of our childhood abuse when it came to sex began to ruin our lives. All the feelings that we couldn't explain...