From Tracie: -2PM The Survivor Manual and Diana

Saturday, May 15, 2010

-2PM The Survivor Manual and Diana

Why I love the Survivor Manual.
-Inspired by How Do You Wash Old Thought Patterns Away

I've had plenty of brainwashing in my life. "You're going to hell." "Don't tell." "Don't be a baby." One day I was searching the internet and found this crazy lady's website -- Angela Shelton's Big Mouth. I started reading. My chin dropped to my chest. I was offended. I couldn't believe the things she was saying.

Then I laughed. Yep.

I laughed at what she said.  I went back and re-read what she wrote.  I laughed even more.  I sat back amazed.  I was laughing about abuse.  Well, about the things we do (I totally recognized myself) that are just, well, crazy!

Not only did I laugh at this crazy lady, I laughed at myself and in a good way.  I realized I wasn't alone.  I wasn't "special." I was like a bunch of other women out there.  My thoughts made sense in a twisted interesting way.  I was okay.

Then I found the videos. When I saw Brain Wash for the first time, I thought I was going to pee my pants (well I did think that!). At the time I found it, I was struggling at work and home. Struggling with racing thoughts and the incessant round and round of "What Ifs".

I tried this Brain Wash (MY choice!). I laughed. How could I not? I washed in the elevator (yeah, I know there are cameras). I washed in the car. I washed in the shower. After awhile, I found that just thinking of brain wash made me laugh and stopped the crazy thoughts.

I love the Survivor Manual. It helped me then, and it continues to help me when I need to remember to laugh and that I'm okay.

Thank you Angela and the Survivor Manual for helping me laugh, because the abuse just happened to me, it didn't define me.


Diana A from Georgia

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