From Tracie: The Survivor Manual and Vision Boards

Sunday, May 16, 2010

The Survivor Manual and Vision Boards

I wanted to share about a post from the Survival Manual that has impacted my life, and let me just tell you, it was hard to pick! There is a recent one from Kim Lampe that really stands out, because it explained something I was unsure about and led me to a great project.

Vision Boards....I have heard of these things, but I was never really sure what the point was. My first thought about vision boards was that they sounded hard, like those quizzes where you have to name five things about yourself....I hate having to name five things about myself!  (I also hate having to fill out those "about me" blurbs on websites and profiles, but that is a story for a different time) My second thought was that it would involve making a list of things that I wanted to accomplish and then finding pictures to show exactly how I was going reach those goals.....maybe a good idea, but not something I was really going to do.  I had filed vision boards into the "smile, nod, and then forget about it" section of my mind. (don't judge - you know you have one of those too!)

That changed when I read More Visual Scavenger Hunt Than Map.  With a title like that, I wanted to pay attention, even if it was about vision boards....and that paying attention worked out, because I learned something.  I was totally wrong about vision boards.  They are so much better, more useful, and more FUN than I had thought! 

I stayed up most of that night getting started on building my vision board, and I've added to it since then.  One thing that was freeing for me was the fact that Kim said I didn't have to limit myself to a cork board and magazine clippings.  That is how I had always envisioned them, and that was another stumbling block on my path, because I don't draw, and I don't do magazines, so there never have been any picture materials for me to use.  With my new creative freedom, I decided to create mine on the computer.

I started with things that make me happy, and was surprised to find that some dreams and plans worked their way in there too....not by me having to sit there making a list and an action plan, but organically born out of my heart and the things that I love.  In fact I am such a vision board lover now, that I actually have two of them!  That might be against the "vision board rules", but I am embracing that....there doesn't have to be rules or boundaries for my creativity and vision!

Here is a little peak inside my heart


  1. Hey, I missed this during your blog-a-thon. Thanks for sharing it for the blog carnival. Nice! It makes a beautiful collage, too!

  2. Thanks for sharing your beautiful vision board collage.

  3. i love it. i wish i knew how to make one like that! what a fabulous idea...

  4. I adore your vision board and am so glad that I got a peak inside your heart- that wording and the view in there are both stunning! XO

  5. Thanks for sharing this, Tracie! That sounds like an approach that would work for me too.