From Tracie: -The Only Way to Eat Fajitas

Monday, May 10, 2010

-The Only Way to Eat Fajitas

For Mother's Day, my family took me to Chilis for dinner.  It has been about three years since we've been there, so it sounded like a fun treat.  Looking at the menu, I knew exactly what I wanted.....Fajitas!!  Yum!  I haven't had those for about three years - probably since the last time I was at Chilis.

As we discussed what everyone was going to order, I told Thomas that I was going to get fajitas.  He then asked me, "What kind of fajitas are you getting?"

"What kind?" I asked, "Fajitas. They only come in one kind."

"You can get beef, chicken, or shrimp" he responded.

"You know my answer to that.  When was the last time you ate skirt meat from a chicken....or a shrimp?  Fajitas are made with skirt steak, nothing else."

Thomas' response to this was to groan and call me my father's name.  He knew where those last two sentences had come from....

When I was growing up, this was the fajita rule in my family.  No one is allowed to sit at a table with my father and eat a fajita made with any meat other than beef.  In fact, it is more serious than a is a law!  A law that I just can't seem to shake.  One of those things from my childhood that is as deeply rooted inside of me as rules like, "Wash your hands before dinner" and "Mud Pies are not food, don't eat them!" and "Do not open the car door while driving down the highway".

Fajitas are made with skirt steak....Anything else is just a taco!  

Doesn't that look good?  Who wants chicken when you can have this?

Yummy toppings! 

Nice salty tortilla chips are a must!

Time for a salsa re-fill.

No matter what we are eating....I love being Katarina's mother! 

Is there any thing that your family did a certain way when you were growing up that you just can't do differently even as an adult?


  1. I love fajitas, however I have to disagree with your only steak rule...there is a little Mexican restaurant my family frequents that has AMAZING shrimp fajitas. Seriously, they are so good. The steak and shrimp combo is my fav!

  2. Heinz is the only ketchup. Jif is the only peanut butter. Violate those terms when shopping, and may God have mercy on your soul!

  3. I love Chilis fajitas! They are so yummy!! Oh and their chips and salsa is amazing too!! Yummo!!

  4. Great. Now I want Mexican....I can SMELL the salsa! Now, putting my love for Mexican food aside..don't hit me...I've never actually had a fajita..I don't like peppers or onions so it just kind of seemed like a waste.

  5. I think you are right in how to eat fajitas! They look yummy

  6. Oh yum! that looks fantastic! LOVE fajitas! mmmmmmm

    Looks and sounds like you had a great Mother's day :)

  7. Hilarious. I love your dad right now.

    We had these rules too that are ingrained in my sister and I.

    Like never cross a picket line.

    Even now I get all uncomfortable if there is one guy out there with a sign.

  8. I had fajitas (I always pronounce the j for fun) for Mother's Day too, only we got them from Acapulco restaurant. My husband picked it up and the place was a nightmare. That's why I refuse to eat IN on that day. People are crazy. He barely made it out alive with the food.

    I actually like the beef best too, but they make one at this place with beef shrimp chicken, and pineapple, and it's just too good to pass up. I don't use the tortillas though, I just mix it all together and eat.

  9. My mother always mixed the pb and jelly together into a disgusting slurry concoction. She says it is easier than making it the regular way. ????