From Tracie: 60 Days...The Oil Still Gushes!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

60 Days...The Oil Still Gushes!

It has been 60 days.  

Wait, I don't think that those words typed up there convey my true feelings.

It has been 60 days!  

There. That is better.

I have written about this already, but after leaving a comment on a recent blog from Ian, I realized that I need to say more...especially in light of the fact that it is now 60 days.  If strong language offends you, then don't go read Ian's post...but in reality, sometimes there just aren't less offensive words that convey the truth of a situation.  In this case, I think it is justified and I agree with everything he said.

This is the comment that I left:
"I grew up on those gulf coast beaches. My husband proposed to me on those beaches. They have been a big part of my life. I fear that my daughter will not be able to say the same.

I agree with every word you wrote...and you know what? That is after the actions from the last two days by BP and the government...I still agree with every single word you wrote.

Almost two months. It is still gushing. There is no excuse.

It is time to repeal the ridiculous Jones act so that the 17 other countries who have offered to come help us clean up this mess can be allowed to help. Oil is spewing out of the earth headed to our country and when Norway and England
offer to send skimmers and tankers to pick some of it up...we say, no thank you. WTF?

There is no excuse for what they are allowing to continue to happen in the Gulf. No excuse....and sorry won't cut it. That areas is destroyed for a very long time.

We finally accepted a couple of skimmers from Norway. Less than what they offered to send us.

The government is now going to allow 4 booms from the Netherlands to be outfitted on American ships.  The Dutch are still scratching their heads wondering what took them so long to accept this offer, and why we only want four.  As for the sand dikes that they offered to build (and that Governor Jindal has pleaded for) the federal government still hasn't decided, and there is the little matter of the Jones Act which would prohibit the Dutch from coming in and doing it.  You know what? I'm all for job creation...but this isn't the time to spread a little stimulus around.  This is the time to get the people who know how to do it, and let them get it done as quickly as possible!

This is Orange Beach, Alabama.  
(click the picture for credit)

Make no mistake.  The oil has reached our shores.  It isn't just "tar balls".  Look at that picture. Are you going to swim in that? Are you going to eat fish that swam in that?  I'm not.  Not for a long time.  Here are some more pictures. Have you seen enough?  I talked to my father in law who lives in Pensacola tonight.  They found dead dolphins this week. What Bp is doing, what the government is doing is too little too late.   

The cover up from BP and the help that they received from our government is real. I hate to get political here, but that is true and I just can't walk around it. I can't ignore it. They don't want us to know the full story.  I was talking with a friend on facebook last night and she said that she would prefer not to think that was true, but then she would have her head in the sand. My response to that? ....considering the fact that the sand is soaked in oil....that wouldn't be very healthy!

It's a good thing she isn't a fish.  Then she wouldn't have any choice.


  1. I am going to say something i don't typically say. This situation PISSES me off and this issue needs to get fixed now. I don't care, at this point, whose fault it is I just think the Government and BP need to work together and solve this disaster.

  2. This is all so sickening, and the global impact is enough so that action should have already been taken to remedy this situation as quickly as possible. The ocean is the source of everything, we aren't just killing aquatic life, we are killing ourselves!

  3. I'm so sickened by this epic tragedy. I feel so helpless in my land locked state and I'm so sad it's been 60 days. 60 days. The damage is catastrophic.

  4. It is terrible!
    My daughter (when she was still in school) wrote an apology letter to the marine life over this damn oil spill!
    Yes, as you can see by my language, I am VERY frustrated.

    Great informative article!

  5. This is all so unbelievably sad & infuriating that it hasn't been taken care of. Like you said, we've been offered so much help at getting it under control & I cannot understand why they wouldn't accept the help.

    I hadn't seen those pictures. It makes me sick.

  6. I cant see these pictures & hear this stuff & it STILL not break my heart...

  7. I don't think there is language strong enough...The arrogance of BC is sickening. Trying to catch up some blog reading...Love your blog..
    Hope you will stop by for a visit. I have a guest post from my son this weekend...Happy Sunday

  8. This breaks my heart that the beaches and marine life are being destroyed. I am very upset at our President that he didn't get more action and commitment sooner. I am sadden for the loss of all the ones on that rig due to what seems to be to save money and time and no regard for their safety and for our waters and beaches. This whole thing is sickening! But it will continue to be hopeless if our "so call leader" doesn't lead and administrate instead of entertaining and campaigning.

  9. It's taken me a while to figure out that we aren't getting the full story up here in Canada. Please know that you aren't the only ones sickened by the oil spill, and feeling despair over the lack of political will to get it fixed fast. i don't know what's wrong with President Obama, I don't know why it's not fixed, but I think it's more than shameful if help was offered (we weren't told this) and it was refused. The ocean doesn't belong to anyone, it belongs to all of us. Most especially, the ocean life, which we are failing to protect. This is hurting every thing, every person, everywhere, and I do wish that there were some way to make BP and the US administration recognize how truly dreadful and menacing this oilspill is becoming. I say menacing because if one storm comes into the Gulf, or if it gets into the stream for the Atlantic, the damage will end up being disastrous and threaten so much more in the Atlantic. My prayers are that the oil gush is closed off as soon as possible, and I pray for the marine life.

  10. All they need to say is 'Yes please' to all the help - how hard is that. I think though they dont want to PAY for it

  11. I just have no words. It's so heartbreaking I don't even know where to start with the depression and anger.

  12. The whole thing in inexcusable. I feel so bad and helpless. All the poeple that make thier living off the water and then the animals that are being effected. The whole thing is terrible!!

  13. BP and the GOV'T CAN SUCK IT!!!

    Was that too harsh?

  14. The whole situation is a terrible crime.

  15. i am late to this party, but EXCELLENT post and am about to share it on Twitter.

    very well said, my friend.

  16. It's horrible, and I really can not believe how slow they're been to move on this. And now the president is out golfing?

    It's so sad. I can't imagine if this were happening to our Lake Michigan beaches.