From Tracie: Days of Elijah

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Days of Elijah

I remember the first time I ever heard this song. I was at camp at Precept Ministries (the absolute best camps and conferences I have attended happened there! It is all about Bible Study. I ♡ Precept!) and they sang this song all throughout the week. It touched my heart, and as the years have passed, it has continued to touch my heart each time I have listened to it.  There are different versions of this song, but I prefer the ones with the "There's no God like Jehovah" declaration in them.

Days of Elijah
These are the days of Elijah,
Declaring the word of the Lord:
And these are the days of Your servant Moses,
Righteousness being restored.
And though these are days of great trial,
Of famine and darkness and sword,
Still, we are the voice in the desert crying
'Prepare ye the way of the Lord!'

Behold He comes riding on the clouds,
Shining like the sun at the trumpet call;
Lift your voice, it's the year of jubilee,
And out of Zion's hill salvation comes.

These are the days of Ezekiel,
The dry bones becoming as flesh;
And these are the days of Your servant David,
Rebuilding a temple of praise.
These are the days of the harvest,
The fields are as white in Your world,
And we are the labourers in Your vineyard,
Declaring the word of the Lord!

There's no God like Jehovah.
There's no God like Jehovah!


  1. I LOVE this song! It's one we used to sing all the time in Church!! It's awesome!! Sorry I haven't kept up with W&P Sundays but I promise to get back into the swing of things soon!!!

  2. I *love* this song. LOVE it.

  3. Tracie, that is a cool song. We sing it at church too. Blessings.