From Tracie: Save the Beaches

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Save the Beaches

What I Meant to Say about..........everything!  This week I think I have found myself being completely open about every thought I have had, because I'm having a hard time coming up with any thought that I did not say!

I've written and rewritten this a couple of times now tonight, from funny to silly to serious.  But really there is just one thing that I have wanted to say for a month now...

Can you hear me BP?  Army Corps of Engineers? Coast Guard? Obama Administration?

Get that oil spill capped and cleaned up before it ruins the beaches that I grew up on!
I can't take this incompetence anymore! 

This is how the beach looks where I grew up on the Gulf Coast:

Absolutely beautiful, right?
I would like it to stay that way!

I keep hearing  Plaquemines Parish on the news.  I've been there before.  I have some hilariously great memories of visiting Plaquemines Parish when I was a teenager.  The thought that the place those memories were formed will soon be ruined? Heartbreaking.  

I know there are bigger ramifications.  It is much more serious than just the loss of my personal, special places.  Lots of people aren't just concerned with the beauty being lost, or even the environmental concerns.  For many people this will be the end of their livelihood.  I even worry about what this will mean for the US and our energy situation across the board.  The "loss" of this oil for consumption will ultimately lead to more oil being bought form Saudi Arabia.  I feel violently ill at every penny that we send to them to purchase oil. 

There is no excuse for this mess to still be going on a month later.  No excuse.  Do a google search for images, the oil has reached the has even reached the dragonflies

This can't continue.  Any elected official who is sitting by and not actively working towards ending this, should not be reelected. 

Angel and Brittany are teaming up this week to host What I Meant to Say, so make sure you go by and check them out!  I want to hear all of your uncensored thoughts from the week! 



  1. Yeah, the beach DID look beautiful.
    Tsk.Tsk. What are we gonna do with this president?
    Oil Spills.


    I didn't participate today but i probably will NEXT week. I had some more updates from that blogger conference.
    Just stopping by your blog, cause YOU ROCK!

  2. I am so shocked that this spill is still going on. It is wrong and they need to fix it. It affects so many.

  3. The oil spill is heart breaking. I can only imagine what fishermen and women are going through. To know their way of life is being ruined by something like this is sad. Our govt needs to get off their butts and get some work done! Thanks for playing!

  4. I grew up on a peninsula, the ocean is in my blood. I think that they should not have been drilling without safeguards in place for something like this. The fact that they have no idea how to stop it is unforgivable to me.

  5. I could cry with every report that says its not stopped... totally heart breaking...

    You are so right - no excuses

  6. I completely agree they seriously need to make a better effort to get this under control

  7. Oh see that is another sermonforme.. I think BP should be responsible for every dang dime and their corporate big wigs need to be ON those beaches cleaning, donating their homes and their jets to hauling animals and wildlife to their safety. Just BS.. absolute BS

  8. Devastating and the fact that no living thing will be spared from its effect makes it that much sadder.

  9. It's such a tragedy. I can't believe it's still going on, too.

  10. It is probably the most maddening thing I've ever heard!

  11. I can hardly watch the reports about it, it's just so sad and frustrating.

  12. This whole situation makes me literally sick to my stomach. Being both an ocean and a cetacean lover, it breaks my heart just that much more.

    I have no love for the govt. or oil companies. Neither seems to care one iota about how fragile our planet is.

    It is my sincerest hope that this all ends soon .. but I'm afraid we're in for much worse yet to come before the tide turns for the better ...

  13. This has been a horrible situation. I feel ill whenever I see pictures on the news.

  14. I live in Florida, and I know this is a very hot topic now-a-days. Thank you for sharing Tracie.

  15. I want to cry every time I urn on the news, I love the beaches and oceans and what is happening is not right.
    I also feel sick when ever I think of the oil we will have to buy from the middle east,they don't need our money at all.
    In addition what they are saying about possible hurricanes makes me feel even worse.

  16. It is so hard to see the pictures and not hear that the government is getting more involved. Didn't this administration learn from past administrations at the danger of waiting too long to act (i.e. Hurricane Katrina).

    I agree with you -- we need to save the beaches, the wildlife... and the dragonflies!

  17. I could not have said this any better. This entire situation makes me ill as well. I just wish the blame game would stop and someone, anyone would get the darn job done. UGH

  18. Also consider those people who are working to clean the gulf. They are at risk because of being overexposed to oil.