From Tracie: Blog Bash

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Blog Bash

The day has finally arrived! We are bashing blogs! 
That doesn't sound right......

We aren't bashing blogs, we are having a blog bash....a party....a celebration of blogging. (That is much better)
Brittany, who is Not Your Average Teen, is throwing this little shindig, so let's all tell her thank you and make sure to bring her a nice gift (she likes comments, blog followers and twitter birds)

I'm providing the cookie dough for this party - it fulfills all my food requirements, contains sugar and does not require cooking.

I even got dressed up for the occasion....

"Is that a Christmas tree behind me?", you ask.
Would you believe that I was so excited about the blog bash that I dressed up 8 months early? 


You think that I took an old picture from Christmas and tried to pass it off as being today? 

You think that I am actually sitting here in my pajamas, wrapped up in a polka dot blanket? 

Hmmmmph. I refuse to answer that question....on the basis that you might just be right!

All right, moving right along. Introduction time!

Hello, my name is Tracie and I am a blog-a-holic. "Hello Tracie"

I have been married for eight years to a wonderful husband named Thomas, who provides no shortage of blogging material.  We had three very different weddings (to each other!) We have a six year old daughter named Katarina.

I am a survivor of childhood sexual abuse.  Even though that doesn't define who I am, it changed the direction of my life. I volunteer with the Army of Angels, an inspiring group of survivors who are committed to healing and leading joyful lives.

I am a follower of Jesus. Worship is like fresh breath to me.

You will often find me singing, and sometimes dancing!

I love getting crafty.  I taught myself how to knit, and then started knitting squares to send to Africa.  Cross-stitching.  Jewelry making.  Photography (especially pictures of Yellow Joy).  My dream is to buy a lathe! (shhh...don't tell Thomas)

One time I learned how to speak elvish

You can also find me reading....watching movies (and complaining about all the ways they weren't like the book)....and watching classic television.

Everyone in my family likes to wear fun shoes.
Brittany has given us some Blog Bash Questions:
1.) Why do you blog?
Before I became a blogger, I was a blog reader. I loved reading other people's blogs and getting a look into their lives.  Eventually I decided to start my own, and share my life and stories. Blogging is a great creative outlet for me. I enjoy the writing. I enjoy the relationships that grow, and being a part of the blogging community.
2.) What do you blog about?
My blog is pretty much a mixed bag. You get a little of my family life, some sexual abuse advocacy (not every day, but it sneaks in there), discussions about books and movies, photography, a helping of silliness and joy, and a whole lot of me!  There is laughter and's life!
3.) What do you find to be the biggest reward you get from blogging?
I have been so blessed to be able to write and share my life and my photography through my blog. I have built lots of great friendships in the blogging world, and had a chance to strengthen relationships with people I know in real life as they have gotten to know me better through my writing. The other thing that blogging gives me is an opportunity to speak to sexual abuse survivors. That is my passion, to be an encouragement to survivors and let them see that there is hope and healing.  
I love sharing my heart.....and having some fun along the way!
4.) How long have you been blogging?
I started blogging in 2006, and then had a long hiatus before picking it back up in 2009. 
5.) Let's hear the story behind your blog title! :) 
My blog name is From Tracie.  Pretty straightforward.  It is everything there is to read from me!

Other than my blog, I spend lots of time with my other true loves...Twitter - Facebook - BlogFrog (I'm just getting started with the whole BlogFrog thing, so feel free to stop by and help me learn how to do it! ha)


  1. I have been a lazy blogger this weekend lol. I need to get my post up for this

  2. Happy Blog Bash! I'm returning the favor and following you back :)

  3. play what the hell! I am following you on twitter but not on here? ughh! lol im following now and we all know that this blog bash got you so excited you put up your christmas tree to celebrate ;)

  4. I definitely complain when movies aren't like books. I'm a self proclaimed book snob & there's just not much I can do about it!

    Love this!! I'm excited about the Blog Bash!

  5. You know, I've been a follower for a long time, but I still learned new things about you today :)

  6. Loved the post! I have always loved your button with the fun shoes!

  7. Happy blog bash! How was I not following you? I am now though. Love your blog.

  8. Happy Blog Bash. So Nice to Meet you Tracie! I just love the mix of things.

  9. Your post is so much better than mine..I maybe should edit mine...LOL. I didn't really intro myself I answered Brittany's Q's then posted a video of me dancing...
    people will follow me to see more dancing I guess...
    There isn't a shortage of that. You dance?
    Dance on your blog then!!

    I love your Christmas dress! I didn't even dress up. In fact, I'm in my PJ's at the moment...

    Well, Twitter bug U better answer my discussion in blogfrog...:) *wink wink* U probably already have...

    I'll tweet and blogfrog at U later K?
    Count on it!

    I LOVE your blog!!!

  10. Wow. You have definitely led an amazing life. The way you have healed and moved forward is very inspirational.

    Thanks for stopping by from Blog Bash.

  11. I'm already a follower! I love your blog! Did the blog bash start yesterday and I a a day late with my post, lol?

  12. Excellent intro and you know I already love you and your most excellent blog! :)

  13. I am *always* complaining about movies not staying true to the books! Drives my hubby crazy ;)

    Happy Blog Bash!

  14. Nice to meet you :)

    I am going to bookmark this page and read all of the links later today. You have sparked my interest for sure. I talk about everything under the sun on my blog. Except sexual abuse. I can't go there. I just can't. :(

    Anyhoo, also wanted to mention... I am going to start a month "A week in photos" on my blog next week that you might be interested in participating. It will be for photography.

    I am headed to your blog frog now.

  15. Nice blog coming over from the blog bash. Nice to read more about you - thanks for sharing


  16. Do you ever find yourself drawn to certain blogs more then others because of what is posted in the blog?

    You do have yourself a great blog and great following!

  17. You know I lurve your blog - and not just because we share a name.

  18. I am so glad I decided to participate in this bash! See what I mean about meeting people and getting to know them better? Thank you for opening up and Thanks for the bash visit, I'm a new follower. For sure!

  19. I posted an interview like that early on in my blogging life. Guess I should revisit it.

  20. Hahahahaha---so LOVE the picture of you all dressed up and the description of it, Hehehehehe!