From Tracie: I Got it From My Momma

Friday, July 16, 2010

I Got it From My Momma

I am participating in this Blog Bash with Brittany. Today she would like us to write about our moms. How they inspired us, a great memory or story, anything about our moms.

I only have one problem with this assignment. I kind of made a deal with my mom that I could only write about her on my blog once a year...which is hard because I have so many great, hilarious stories about my mom. So many. But one thing that my mom taught me was to keep my word. So I just can't write about her anymore this year.............

I can, however, tell you that one time I wrote about her on this blog. A special tale of the time she made me water dirt. I can, in fact, put her picture on here (really, I can't do that either, but my mom will forgive me for bending the rules a bit....right mom? Love you!) and make it a link to the story.

Go ahead. 

Look at my mom.

Why is she hiding?

Click on her and find out!

You know you want to!

What did I get from my momma? Some crazy mad gardening skills!


  1. great story but i commented on that post first lol

  2. That was a great story...

    i love my Mom! She helped to make me what I am today...

  3. I remember that story, too funny!

  4. she shy? I think she'd like to read about how she inspired you.

  5. My gardening skills are on par with your's. Great story!

  6. I loved that story! Your mom sounds wonderful!

  7. My mum doesn't let me write about her either. She doesn't want me to say ANYTHING about her at all. Not that she reads my blog haha.