From Tracie: Pictures that Deserve Wall Space

Thursday, July 08, 2010

Pictures that Deserve Wall Space

I love to take pictures, but so often they just end up being put on a disk. A few of them will make it to the facebook page, and even fewer to the blog.

There is always this list of pictures in my mind that I want to get printed, framed, and hung on the wall. Kat's prompt this week was a great reminder to go through some pictures and think about which ones deserve a little wall space....

I love every single thing about this picture...the water, the flowers and colors, the look on Katarina's face, even the silly antler headband.

 She glows.

 This is Katarina with my cousin's dog, Annie. 
That look on Katarina's face is pure puppy-loving joy.

This picture was one of those that really spoke to me. I was looking through the pictures on the camera later that night and I had this realization.....she isn't a baby anymore. Sure, I knew that in my head, but this picture brought it all home.  My baby is growing up.

Now that you have seen some of the pictures that have been on that list in my mind, which one of these do you think should be hanging on the wall?


  1. That last one is just stunning... such a beautiful little model!

    But I love the picture with the doggie... they both look so content together.

  2. She's beautiful--and they're all so lovely. I especially like the one with little Annie. But if I were to hang one, I would probably go with #4. I think it would great on a wall!

  3. She is adorable, but something about that last one just grabs me! Even her eyes are smiling!


  4. I'm going to be lazy and ditto Rebecca Jo's comment!

  5. I've said it before and I'll say it again...she is absolutely beautiful! I think you should hang the second one and the last one on your wall!

  6. If you have to choose just ONE I would go with the last one but the one with the puppy is precious too!

  7. omg, Tracie, there's no way I can choose. she is a doll. is Annie a Westie? My dad had two Westies and they are so adorable!

    Your daughter is so photogenic and I especially love the bottom two...but they are all fabulous and I would have a hard time choosing just one...

  8. She is *gorgeous*, and I love the pic of her and the dog -- it looks like one you would think was a print that you'd buy!

  9. I like the last one. She looks so sure of herself. I'd probably put one or two of the others in a small frame on a desk or table.

  10. She's beautiful. What beautiful shots you got. I love the one with the little dog.

  11. she's gonna break some hearts someday.

    i have an award for you :)

  12. I love the 2nd and 3rd pictures--sooooo adorable!!! :D :D :D