From Tracie: Raw(e) - Challenge 2(6)

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Raw(e) - Challenge 2(6)

The theme is... 
...what you have to do is go into
your 2nd folder of photos and post the 6th photo there. Doesn't matter what it is.
How silly, how beautiful, how awful, how embarrassing-doesn't matter!
It just has to be a raw photo-one completely untouched by editing of any kind.

This is a fountain in Scottsdale, AZ, it was taken during a fun day at the park. 

More Raw Photos can be found at Sailor & Company


  1. That could be painful. Won't attempt. But yours is great.

  2. This sounds fun! I might take part.

    I love your photo! Hopefully mine won't be too embarrassing. I all ready checked the name of the folder though and folder 2 is called Architecture... so it couldn't be too bad right??

  3. Yours IS great and looks so cool and pleasant on this hot, humid evening.

  4. God was watching out for you, girl! And that is a beautiful picture!

  5. perfect picture for heading into the're a genius w/ your camera, tracie.

  6. Well, that is a wonderful picture!

  7. It just so happens that my second folder is one of my older brother's from his phone pics - and I can't post his stuff. LoL