From Tracie: And Now For Something Completely Cluttered

Thursday, September 09, 2010

And Now For Something Completely Cluttered

A message from the wonderful Cluttered Brain:

Howdy folks! I sent myself to the rescue of this blog. You see my lovely friend and blog pal From Tracie has LOST her muse. And I have sent myself to guest post for her today while she looks for it.  It's that or Google Chrome changes might kill her in the middle of the night. So here I am.

I want to talk somewhat about Facebook chats.
When I get on Facebook, I usually check for a couple of things first. I scroll through the status updates, ignoring ALL the Facebook games requests and junk like that. I comment on the witty updates. I "Oooh" and "Aww" my friend's kids. Then I check my profile. Any new comments? Then I compose a witty status update myself.

And since I am ALWAYS funny, people always laugh and comment at ALL my updates. LOL.  <---Yeah, right. Just most of the time, that's all. Well, err...uh...I hope people want to comment. It makes my day when they feel prompted to comment. :)

I use Facebook to mainly keep in touch with my immediate family. All the rest of my friends are an added bonus. YAY for me, right?

I also wanted to talk about Facebook chats. They are fun, right? Yeah, I love partying with my blog friends, Angel and Tracie of course...
Facebook chats can be parties on other's walls (so many comments that you get confused by each and every line of thought) OR private FB message chats with the little pop up window... You all know...

BUT I also like to Skype with my blog friends. I mean Skype it's like a phone call but LIVE and in COLOR. What better way to get to know someone than through video, right?

Anyway, I totally knew where I was going with this post when I started but it has taken me 30 minutes to write...between monitoring homework, and the boys outside my house (a 7th grader is chatting it up with my daughter) AND giving out snacks plus writing this guest post for Tracie...It's no wonder my brain remains cluttered.

Crushes? You remember them? I wrote about my crushes all in my journal. I didn't change. I always liked boys. Sometimes they liked me. And sometimes, they didn't even know I was even alive. One boy, who was even in my grade but different high school, totally dissed me for a girl 2 years younger then me! Seriously, what is it with boys and dating girls that are younger than them? Especially in high school. My opinion on that? I think it is because boys mature slower than girls and by dating girls younger than them they feel those girls are more on their lever. :)

Am I right?

Ya, I thought so.

Well due to the many directions my brain is running I have to close this lovely guest post.

Feel free to check out more of Tracie's posts though.
You can always send a tweet to her--> @fromtracie Or me @clutteredbrain.

We are always around and LOVE a good laugh! :)

Oh and isn't is so cool what Tracie does for others? I love the fact she stands up for what she believes (NO abuse of ANY kind is all right.) And that peace butterfly LOVE she has on her arm just totally rocks. (I believe she did this in honor of National Suicide prevention week.)

Tracie. Read her blog.
Tweet with her.
She really is all that. :)


  1. WAHOO!!! Now i have to link this to ALL my hideouts...Twitter Facebook Fan page...*sigh*

    Thank goodness for Hootsuite!!!
    YAY your followers are jumping up and down for an update from their favorite gal....
    HEY Where's your pic?
    Oh you the link to your arm counts?
    Oh, ok..I'll let it pass this

    Thanks for letting me guest post!
    You rock...

  2. Oh AND by the way...sigh...
    Aww shucks..what was I gonna say again?

    grr.... The cluttered mind strikes again.

    Oh I like the And now for a special message from Cluttered Brain...Cute...:) THANKS for the warm welcome. I think a guest vlog is next.
    K? Gotta keep those followers on their toes...

  3. lmbo too many irons in the fire is what cluttered brain is called. you are too funny we have had some funny parties on my FB wall

  4. How in the WORLD did you get from FB Chats to crushes? Your brain just flat out AMAZES me!

    Hi Tracie! :) No delete buttons! I promise!

  5. I really feel the need to befriend One Cluttered Brain on facebook now. She is funny and I am sure she has hilarious facebook updates.

  6. Does the Great Cheeseboy have a fanpage on Facebook?

    hmm...I might have to find out.

    Hilarious updates...I like to have FB wall parties...So I guess that is good. :)

  7. And of course my updates are hilarious and completely cluttered of course. Yup, Because My mind always likes to spin at least 5 different directions....

  8. I added myself to follow your blog. You are more than welcome to visit mine and become a follower if you want to.

    God Bless You ~Ron

  9. I'm going to treat this as a Friday confessional: I always hide my online status on FB because I don't like to get sucked into awkward chats with people I haven't seen in 20 years.

    Whew! I feel better now.

  10. I come to visit for the first time and it is a guest post! lol!

    I hate facebook. I have not even checked it in 3 months!

  11. I can see I'm just a shade to the side of "old school" mindset when it comes to facebook -- it's something I've never had an interest in. But perhaps I'm just lucky that most of my immediate family lives near me and I see them frequently.

  12. I have to monitor my facebook time. It's amazing how you can get lost in there, look up and an hour has gone by. I do love it though.

    Tracie, thanks for stopping by my blog. Looking forward to getting to know you!

  13. Another FB confession: I turn off my chat as much as possible because my kid's babysitter wants to talk. It's weird and AWKWARD.

    But this? Great fun!