From Tracie: Finding Hope

Friday, September 17, 2010

Finding Hope

A couple of weeks ago we were at Chili's and I couldn't resist making Katarina scrunch down for a picture. I think it comes from a lifetime of never finding my name (at least not spelled correctly) on anything.

*cue violins*....When I was a kid, my teachers would buy pencils, stickers, or other things with each kid's name on them.  I always ended up with a blank one. I'm not sure I have ever gotten over those blank pencils.

Katarina isn't considered a common name either, but her middle name is Hope, and it can be found in lots of fun places. That day it was a sidewalk.

I've had hope on my mind the last couple of days.  It is out there, hiding where you might least expect it, or sometimes where you most want to find it. I have found it in my daughter's smile - In a group of women who hold me up and support me - In my husband who continues to dream big and believe no matter what - In Jesus who loves me.  I'm blessed to have hope in my life.

Hope is all around. Where have you found it?

All these colored peppers represent a donation to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. Each donation is a bit of hope in the lives of children fighting diseases they should never have to fight.

More pictures with letters can be found at Thematic Photography!


  1. I have found hope in the most unlikely places, but one of the places I never expected to find it was Twitter. If ya follow the right people, DAILY inspiration and hope... Also, I have found hope in the unconditional acceptance of a "bosom friend" that I've been asking God for since the day I watched Anne Shirley beg Diana Barry for a lock of her tresses. I'm laughing and tearing up at the same time as I type this because as silly as it sounds I am totally serious. I never knew God would finally answer that prayer one day... and use the internet to do it! How FREAKY! ;) Love you bunches!!!

  2. "you want my dresses" LOL

    Hope abounds if we look for it.

    (Diana GA)

  3. thanks for stopping the picture

  4. What a beautiful name.

    I find hope in hugs from my children. I find hope when snuggling down under the covers knowing I don't have anything to get up early for the next day. I find hope at church. I find hope in intimate moments with good friends.

    Sometimes I even find hope within myself.

  5. I know what you mean about the name spelling. (Obvs.) I'm kind of droopy this am so I need a little hope. :)

  6. Beautiful picture. Hope springs eternal.. just sometimes it comes in the most unlikely places

  7. Believe it or not, my name wasn't/isn't always easy to find, either. And most people have no idea how to spell it.

    btw, Katarina is your spitting image and so adorable here.

    Will have to get my arse over to Chili's. I need an Awesome Blossom in the worst way.

    I've had a hard time locating hope lately....some days are worse than others. I just need to look harder.

  8. Sigh ... sharing your pain in never finding anything with my name spelled correctly. In fact, I don't think I've ever found a 'Tamika' ANYTHING!

    After having something of a downer day, I realized there is hope and happiness in the little things. Sunshine. Smiles from loved ones. And the simple nugget of realization in the back of your mind that the yucky stuff, no matter how overwhelming, won't last long.

    Your post was timely. Thanks for giving me another hopeful reminder.

  9. Katarina is sooo pretty. I've heard the name many times before, but it's always on professional athletes... (That or Ekaterina seem to be very popular in the sports world) I've never known anyone named Katarina in person though. I think there was one at my university but I never spoke with her and wouldn't recognize her now or anything..

  10. i agree. Hope is a beautiful thing. ;)
    Love the picture of Katarina...She looks just like you...

  11. Your daughter is lovely. As is her name.

    I, too, have kind of an average name but not spelled in a common way. Never could find anything with the right spelling.

    Hope for me blossoms in the smallest and most unlikely places, but the most wonderful thing is, I can almost always find it.

  12. Tracie,
    It is hope that keeps me going. I mean, can you imagine a life without? A life where you just had to accept whatever was doled out? Not us, that is where the hope comes in.

    I love how something so simple as sidewalk chalk can inspire something much deeper!

  13. Y....

    Cause sometimes it just sucks to have a name spelled differently!

  14. I need some hope, and I loved loved loved this post!!

  15. Yeah, I never found my name anywhere. Ever. As for hope, it's always wonderful when we spot it, huh? And so important to keep your eye (and mind) open for it. Right now, my hope is sitting in my starbucks vanilla latte cup. God bless caffeine.

  16. My sister was always the one who could never find her name on any of that girly stuff - several variations but never her uncommon spelling. She always says I got the better name. :) Secretly I agree.

  17. I find hope, among other places, in all the lovely bloggers who remind me to look for it! :)

  18. I love that! I want some chalk now. I found a great hope photo that I'm planning to link to on thirteen Thursday post this week.

  19. Life really is about the little moments...that's what gives me hope:) I love seeing the happiness in my children when they giggle over silly things...things that maybe I've forgotten to laugh about...

    And like Beth up there, I find loads of hope in the many bloggy pals I've made over the years!