From Tracie: Avocado and a Frosty. Enough Said

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Avocado and a Frosty. Enough Said

This has been a week to meet bloggers. On Thursday I went to a lunch at Wendy's with some local bloggers to try out the new Pick 2 Menu. It was a first for me. Not going to Wendy's, I have one right by my house and go there all the time. Meeting bloggers for lunch was a first. Let me set the scene...

I arrived at Wendy's about thirty minutes early. I realized that no one was there as early as me, so I sat in my car and waited....and looked at the pictures of salads. I may have also drooled, but I'm not admitting anything.

I was pretty set on the Apple Pecan Chicken Salad, but then on the way in the door I saw this sign:
And I knew that there was no way I wasn't going to get that Baja Salad, because I am all about the avocado.

Once inside, I had a sudden realization, how was I going to know who I was meeting? I tried to imagine what a blogger would look like.

And then I saw her. A woman in a pink shirt plugging in a laptop. She had to be a blogger, right? There she was at Wendy's with a laptop. I gathered up all my friendliness and walked over to her, "Hi, my name is Tracie. Are you a blogger?"

She quickly closed the computer and said, "No. I'm not one of those. I'm just looking at my wedding pictures."  She seemed, slightly scared. I wonder if she knows what a blogger is? (Moments like this are why bloggers should wear shirts that identify them as such at all times)

I tried to put her at ease by telling her I was a blogger and was there to meet other bloggers for lunch and when I saw her with the laptop I just assumed.....but that didn't seem to make her feel any better. Her husband arrived at the table with their food and I went off in search of more people to scare bloggers. Thankfully Jessica and April arrived shortly after that and saved the day.

Lured by the thought of avocados, I ordered the Baja Salad off of the Pick 2 Menu, which also has chili, pico de gallo and tortilla strips. It comes with a creamy red jalapeƱo dressing, but I don't normally like spicy dressings, so I asked to swap it out for the avocado ranch dressing- yum! For my second item I got a Frosty.
Let me just say here, that the salads are described as being half sized, but they were bigger than what I expected and by the time I had finished mine I was pretty full...but not so full that I didn't eat every single drop of that Frosty, because not finishing a Frosty should be a crime.

The food was yummy and it was fun to meet some nice bloggers too.
Tracie and Jessica
Amanda and Tracie

Tracie with Jennifer and her cute daughter

I didn't get pictures of all the bloggers because I was too busy slurping up every last drop of that Frosty because there was so many of us.

Here is some fun news. Wendy's gave me an extra gift card that I am going to pass on to one of you. It is for $7, and with the Pick 2 Menu being $4.99 you can get a salad and a Frosty and still have enough left over for another Frosty (really you can get whatever makes you happy, there are are potatoes and other things there, but I can't imagine passing up a Frosty!)

Leave a comment (or two, or ten, or twelve-you know you want some Frostys!) and I will randomly pick a name next Saturday to send the gift card too. I will email the winner, so please make sure your email is enabled in your profile or is in your comment. That way I can get in touch with you without having to employ the use of smoke signals.

*I was given free lunch thanks to Wendy's and The Motherhood and I was compensated for my time. There was no requirement to say nice things and the opinions are all mine. 
**I pulled a name out of a hat and the winner is One Cluttered Brain. She has 48 hours to send me her address so I can mail her the gift card. 


  1. Oh! Count me in!
    I'm now following! I have to find out if you get picked for the new reality show! :D

  2. OH how cool.. I wanna Wendy's gift card, and although I would love to meet some bloggers there alas I know it won't happen as there are not any near me..puts on a big pouty face can you see it??

  3. Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. I appreciate it.

  4. I love avacado, but not with anything else. I like to slice them up and dip them in some red wine vinegar mixed with some oil a little bit of pepper...Mmm...Man, I think I need to get an avacado now.

  5. I'm seriously cracking up right now, Tracie. Reason being that the day I went for my medical testing way back when (remember that?) I decided to reward myself with something from Wendy's. I hit the drive through and saw the avocado on the sign and didn't even have to think twice. TOTALLY got the same salad. LOVED it. You and I would be great roomies. Further proof that wondertwins of the world are just amazing. ;) How awesome that you live in an area where things like blog meetups are available to you. This small-town momma is just a wee bit jealous of that. Love ya!

  6. No seriously, pick me! I want a Frosty. I love a Frosty.

  7. Cluttered needs a frosty and salad...
    Pick ME!
    i even have a few blogger friends over here.
    So pulleeeese?
    Pretty please?
    I already know I am your favorite...LOL.
    Glad You had fun, frosty girl....

  8. I guess this means I have to tweet it as well...*sigh*
    OK girly, you asked for ALL my comments. I hope you don't get sick of me.

  9. See? i even tweeted for ya!!/Clutteredbrain/status/28517527371

  10. I hope it doesnt take YOU all day to publish these comments...Your email is gonna see a lot of Clutter...LOL.
    Cluttered Brain that is....

  11. YUMMY! I would love a frosty and a salad!

  12. (i was there 40 minutes early circling the walmart parking lot to kill time)

  13. It was nice meeting you! I almost wore my "The Unemployed Mom" logo shirt, but thought it would be way more fun to be mysterious. No seriously, I dressed normal so if my kid acted up I could run out and NO ONE would know who I was.

  14. I'd take any type of food if it meant meeting up with bloggers in real life. :)

  15. Sounds like a good afternoon! And girl, I'm all about the Frosties, and you wouldn't even have to mail my prize, I would make a trip to pick it up! ;-)

  16. Hi Tracie,
    Thought I would stop in to see what you been up to!
    Your Wendy's lunch looks great and I'm so glad that you got to share time with other bloggers. Sometimes it's good to talk to a blogger for real!


  17. Don't pick any of them. Pick me! Do it for the Tracie's of the world.

  18. Looks like everyone had a real good time! :-)

  19. Diana (Georgia)

    I would use it to Pick TWO Frosty's. Just sayin' ;-)

  20. I love meeting other bloggers. We had a meet-up in Floyd with half a dozen of them a couple years ago.

  21. Super jealous!! Free food and bloggers?? You know that I've never met another blog in the real world?? It kinda makes me wonder if the rest of you all really exsist ;) and that is hillarious about the girl you went up to :D :D :D Love it!! Hahahaha!!!

  22. you've made me hungry now so you
    just have to pick me! I need a


  23. Dear Ms.Tracie,
    Mother Hen here, to say that since Wendy's not only discriminates against chickens by not letting them in its doors, (and they are well well known to be bird murderers of the first order), she could not use your Wendy's gift card.
    However, her dear friend, Jodi Edwards Wright, has no such reservations and would gladly put the card to good use.

    Regretfully yours,
    Mother Hen

  24. Oh, how funny!
    Are you a blogger?

    Poor woman.

    I would LOVE a FROSTY!

    Count me in!

  25. Aww, what fun! I'm super jealous. I'm not a big fan of Wendy's so I didn't know about the salads. I LOVE avocado also.

  26. Aw - it must be fun to meet other bloggers!

  27. I've never met any other bloggers in real life. Well, not counting folks I already knew, that is. What a neat experience! And at a Wendy's, no less (I LOVE a Frosty on a hot day.)

    Gonna have to give this some thought. There MUST be some local bloggers with a penchant for a Frosty, no?