From Tracie: Happiness is Flowers Picked by a Child

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Happiness is Flowers Picked by a Child

Hand picked by Katarina...

Purple flowers with a hint of yellow...

Appreciating something that other people dismiss as a weed...

....makes me happy!


What is making you happy today?



  1. The fact that you posted today!!
    The fact that my 3 year old is pottying into the potty ALL day today!
    The fact that she woke up DRY and she was NOT wearing her nighttime pull-ups.
    The fact that I have 3 beautiful daughters and a hardworking husband!

    What's NOT making me happy: No dancing vlog from

    Love ya babe!

  2. Your post --- so sweet.

    A new Yankee candle.

    An orchid I thought wasn't going to make it, has buds that are just about to open.

    A good check up at the dentist.

    And about a gajillion other things.

    Have a great evening.


  3. Oh yes, I agree... I love when my kids pick me flowers :) one time my little boy picked me a whole plant, roots and all :) Happy Tuesday!
    Kelly from

  4. Awwww. Yeah, kids love even wildflowers. That one is very pretty, though!

  5. I love it! My daughter gives me "weed" bouquets and they are exquisite.

  6. Aww, you are so right. Thanks for the reminder.

  7. I love anything handed to me by a child! :) well, maybe not a booger, but you know what I mean! :)

  8. We took The Boy to the zoo today. That made me very happy!

  9. That's so sweet! My grandson picked hydrangeas (however you spell them) for me the other day. Their faces are priceless when they present you with flowers!

  10. Your lovely post.

    The changing leaves on the tree outside my window.

    Watching my boys snuggle (wrestle?) each other on the couch.


    Thanks for the reminder to stop and smell the flowers today.

  11. Aw, that makes me happy, too.

    I love my boys' excitement when they bring me a flower. The looks on their faces make it seem like a beautiful thing instead of a weed.

  12. But those are pretty weeds, I wasn't sure if you were serious at first. Weeds up here in Canada are thick and prickly, and usually wear a parka.

  13. Beautiful. The flowers and the sentiment.

  14. So pretty!

    Today I'm happy that I will be ALONE till 4. Woot-woot!

  15. This pic really made me happy!

    Your supportive comments this week also made me happy! Thanks.