From Tracie: The Time Marie Callender Helped Me to NOT Blow Up the Microwave

Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Time Marie Callender Helped Me to NOT Blow Up the Microwave

I am still in Arizona, visiting family and staying super busy. An obnoxious amount of pictures and stories will be coming to you when I get back home in December. Hopefully you have been enjoying my guest posters while I have been gone.

In case you didn't know or haven't heard, I have a reputation. For some reason if I mention eating dinner to a friend or family member, they immediately suggest going out. My friend Angel has invited me to come live in a camper in her backyard just so she can feed my family (and don't think that I wouldn't take her up on that offer if I lived a bit closer to her!)

It all started with my exciting hot chocolate. (In all honesty it started a long time before that, but we don't have to discuss those other times, do we? I didn't think so.) In my defense, Thomas was responsible for the bottle of chocolate sauce that exploded. I was hardly involved. I think I could actually be a very good cook.....if the whole cooking part was left out of the equation.....which basically just means that I am a very good eater.

I bring up my special history with cooking and the microwave because I got this email a couple of weeks ago from The Motherhood. They wanted me to try a Baked Meal from Marie Callender's. I was excited and scared all at the same time.

"What if I put this in the microwave and it actually blows up?" was one of the thoughts that I had.

Then I saw the words "Vermont White Cheddar Mac and Cheese" and I knew that I had to be brave and give that whole microwave thing another shot.

I am happy to report that the microwave is still in one piece. 
(which is really good considering I used the microwave at my Grandma's house!)

I read the back of the box and followed Marie's instructions exactly and was rewarded with extremely yummy Mac and Cheese. It was super creamy and tangy.

The box said that it would serve three and I was skeptical about that, but I split it with Grandma and we were both full with a serving to spare (which was just as yummy the next day for lunch when I re-heated it...successfully!! the microwave).

 Grandma cutting up strawberries with Katarina
Have I mentioned that I love my Grandma? Because she is awesome!

My grandma is very health conscious and reads labels on the food that she eats. She thought that 980mg of sodium per serving was high, but was happy with the 15g of protein. She was impressed with how creamy it was, and happy with the taste.

Okay. Is your mouth watering? Are you hungry now? Because I can send one of you a coupon to try some of this yummy Mac and Cheese for yourself (or you can try one of the other meals, the Chicken, Spinach, and Mushroom Lasagna is also good - but nothing beats Mac and Cheese) Leave a comment, or five, or ten, or however many you want, and I will be randomly drawing one of your names out of a hat on December 5.

Honesty Time: I was approached by The Motherhood and Marie Callender’s to try the new Baked Meals and write about my experience. I received two of the meals for free and I was compensated for my time. I wasn't required to say nice things, and all the opinions are my own, excpept for those that are noted as being my Grandma's...those opinions are all hers and they came to you for free! 

**The winner is Maureen's Thoughts! I will be sending your Marie Callender's coupons to you this week. Happy eating!!


  1. I love things I can throw in the microwave. I'm all about steamable veggies!

    Hope your trip is going well! The weather has been great!

  2. Amber would live on mac n cheese only if I let her so, sure, I'd love to try it ;)

  3. Mmm. Yummy cheesiness..Seriously.
    I want a coupon for the WHOLE dang free
    C'mon. Please?
    I miss you Tracie.
    Can't wait for you to be back!
    BUT I hope you are having FUN!

  4. Katarina is so cute! She looks like she is having fun with Grandma!

  5. That sounds super yummy! Count me in!!