From Tracie: Because Sometimes...

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Because Sometimes...

Because sometimes I have too much to do.....I tweet things like this:

Because sometimes my heart feels weary and grows daughter has a smile that can melt it.

Because sometimes bad dreams come.....there are middle of the night movies and cuddles under a polka dotted blanket.

Because sometimes when I see a random thing, I can't just pass husband stops the car while I take a picture...
Guy Balancing on Bike

or two

Guy Riding on One Wheel of Bike

Because sometimes I don't snap the picture fast enough....I missed when he tipped over, after a few seconds of riding the bike like that.


  1. Boys just never really grow up, do they?

  2. Ok first of all the fact that he is even brave enough to do that is awesome. Cause Angel don't do tricks.. another thing I can blame on my out of whack center of balance thanks to huge boobs...sighs. Wait I wouldn't do it even if I could cause I have not had enough blows to my head to make me that crazy..

  3. I am a very bad person. The thought of him falling over made me cackle.

  4. My husband lets me take pictures, long as it's not HIM doing something silly. :)

  5. I once saw a guy riding one of those old-timey bikes through our neighborhood. I would have done anything for a camera.

    And yes, I need your six hours. I'll take your leftovers, since I'm sure you won't need them all. :)

  6. I never have my camera when I see something interesting. I need those 6 hours, too. If you figure out a way to get them let me know.

  7. I agree. 6 more hours would really do wonders on my balancing of schedule between family and work. I dream of getting that too.:-)

  8. haha! I can't believe you missed buddy falling!...maybe it's best that way, I'm sure he's male ego was more bruised than his tail bone.