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Saturday, April 09, 2011

Petz Bunnyz Bunch Review

Last week, Ubisoft sent their new game, Petz Bunnyz Bunch, to my daughter Katarina, so she could try it out.
The official description:
In Petz Bunnyz Bunch, care for the cutest and most remarkable bunch of bunnyz. Raise them in your house and show them their new home. Teach them how to follow you when called upon, hop up on furniture, and even play music! On top of being absolutely adorable, these bunnies have personality! They know exactly what they want and know how to show you, so if you take good care of them they'll surprise you with games of hide-and-seek or other treats.
 Here are some things about the game that Katarina wants you to know.....

In the past, we have tried other Nintendo games with animals or babies that have been difficult to interact with, and ultimately frustrating. Petz Bunnyz Bunch is definitely better, it is simple to control the bunnies and Katarina hasn't needed my help to figure out how to interact with them or play the mini games. I also appreciate that it doesn't require use of the microphone to talk to the bunnies.

The only complaint that Katarina had about the game was this: "When you get to name the bunny, they don't give you enough spaces to do long names. I wanted to name one of my bunnies Snowball, but couldn't because that name was too long."

The big thing about this game is the total cuteness factor. (It is also nice to have a bunny in the house without having to clean up after it, and without having all the sneezes that a real bunny would cause me to sneeze!) Being able to customize the bunny's house, and buy different furniture and decorations with coins earned from playing mini games, is something that Katarina has really enjoyed.

Some last thoughts about the bunnies from Katarina:
"Even though you can buy more than one bunny from each breed, none of them like the same things. That makes the game interesting.

The more that you give a bunny something that it doesn't like, it will grow to like it. If you give the bunny something that it likes too often, it will get bored with it and not like it anymore, so you have to be careful.

It is fun to feed the bunnies, because they are super cute when they eat! Right now, my Mini Lop's favorite food is radishes."

Petz Bunnyz Bunch has definitely been a big hit at my house!

*While Ubisoft provided me with this game to review, the opinions I've expressed here are solely my own and represent my honest viewpoint. Ubisoft, Clever Girls Collective and I promote Blog With Integrity.

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