From Tracie: Go Short - How to Give From the Heart and the Head!

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Go Short - How to Give From the Heart and the Head!


Giving can feel daunting.

Even when you want to give, sometimes you don't have the money, or the time, or the big idea


Giving does not always equal money.

Giving does not have to be big or elaborate.

Giving is really about the heart.

Small things can make a BIG difference.

The gift of food (or of an afternoon spent volunteering) for a soup kitchen or food bank can feed a family who is struggling.

The gift of a sweet card, sent unexpectantly, can provide a smile and some encouragement.

Yesterday I gave something that wasn't big, but it was very long....
(something that I really loved!)

For a woman who is going through cancer treatment, loosing hair can be part of the process. Wigs are expensive, especially on top of big medical bills. Pantene Beautiful Lengths will take your hair and make it into a wig that the American Cancer Society will give to a woman free of charge.

LONG hair
That is my LONG hair on the right.

Donating hair is simple: First, you grow, grow, grow your hair. 
Second, you make a quick trip to visit your hairstylist.

hair salon

The donated hair must be at least 8 inches long, so make sure you measure it!

Measuring Hair for Donation

Separate your hair into sections and tie them with elastic bands so that the hair stays together. They can not use hair that is loose, so it is a good idea to put an elastic band every few inches on each section of hair.

Tying Hair Before Cutting

(When Eva, my hairstylist, pulled out the clippers to cut off the first section of hair, I thought about Jo selling her hair when Marmee had to go to Washington DC to care for Mr. March.)

Look at all the hair! 

Hair Cut For Donation
After the sections of hair have been cut, place them in a zip-lock bag, and seal it tightly, because you don't want the hair to work its way out of the elastic bands or get wet/damaged before you mail it.

Now it is time to embrace your short hair, and get a cute cut and style.

Having someone wash my hair is the best part of the haircut. Bliss.

Eva cutting my hair.

The "new" Tracie

This 15 inches of hair won't cure cancer, but hopefully it will make a hard time in a woman's life a little easier.

Fifteen Inches of Donated Hair

Have you ever donated your hair?
What are some creative ways to give - big or small?


  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE that new do gf it is so cute.. and what a wonderful thing to do..

  2. Really? you cut your hair?
    Wow. Cool. That will make a difference for a woman..Tracie you are awesome!

    Anyhoo, I LOVE love your hair. Mainly because you are awesome like that.

  3. Good for you! Look at all that hair! Someone will truly appreciate it. And you look fabulous. Win-win.

  4. I once was on a train and the conductor was going to throw a mum and her three kids off as they didn't have tickets. I couldn't believe noone thought this was bad, it was the middle of the night in the middle of nowhere in December? So though I don't ever have money, I reckoned I had enough and was so angry at the conductor guy too, so I said I'd pay, he was shocked and sheepish, and she was grateful as you'd expect. That was one of the times I was most glad of giving something, but I was sad about the conductor and the people in the carriage. Another time was helping a guy who'd been mugged in a crowd, I was 17 and not big, and all these big guys in front had moved away! I had to go through them to help this guy, and by the time I got to him the muggers had got away with his bag. The happiest Ive been is the one time I didn't have to lend a hand, a african guy on his bicycle had a white guy in the car behind him try and hurt him but people came from every direction to help and he was OK, and the racist guy had to get back in his car and leave! That was my old town Brighton, which I loved for that reason, prejudice wasn't tolerated by 99% of the people there and they'd DO something about it!

  5. First off, you rock the cute new do! You look terrific!

    Secondly, good for you. I have never donated my hair because I am never willing to leave my mousy dirty blonde hair color-free. They like it pre-chemical. I love that you do it, however -- yet another reason to love, love, love you!


  6. Love the new hair! What a great cause, too! Warms my heart! I have always wanted to do this, but have never taken the plunge. Kuddos to you!

  7. You look awesome and I am so proud of you! Just beautiful!

  8. That is so awesome!!!

    You look beautiful!

  9. That is an amazing gift! Happy to stumble over this one

  10. Looks great! I'm with you - the washing is the best part. My 7 year old is growing her hair long to donate to Locks of Love. I can't participate since I have to color away the gray ;)

  11. I've always thought about donating my hair, but the Lock of Love won't accept hair that's been highlighted, so the few times I've cut off enough to donate I couldn't send it. Maybe next time :)

  12. I love the whole hair donation thing, it's fantastic and your new 'do' looks amazing! Funky and youthful and cute!

  13. Tracie. I love that you do this! I have a young friend here in Vegas that does this every time her hair grows out. It's a beautiful, selfless gesture and I'm proud of you and her!
    As for me, I don't have much money due to unemployment, but I am a big fan of buying a stranger a cup of coffee at Starbucks or paying the bill for the car behind me in the MacDonalds drive-thru. It's just a little thing, but I am pretty sure I make someone smile. And that's cool!

  14. My daughter did this a couple years ago. 20 some inches of hair donated. The hairdresser was shaking as she ponytailed and cut it. I think she was afraid the DD would scream or cry. She didnt and was so happy that she helped. She has really long hair again and said before she goes to college next fall she is going to do this again.

  15. that's a wonderful thing to do somehow my hair never gets that long. way cool

  16. My daughter did this as well when she was five...her hair was down past her butt...and she has sooooooo much hair and it's so thick.

  17. Did your daughter cut her hair too?
    And you are AWESOME by the way.
    So awesome.
    I'm gonna see how many times I can use the word AWESOME in this comment.
    Anyawesomecomment, you ROCK lady!

  18. A nice warm weather cut for a great purpose!

  19. You look adorable with your new haircut.

    Your story touched my heart.

    Every year our high school does a Locks of Love assembly. They always get tons of voluteers, and therefor lots of hair. It's a wonderful thing.

  20. Your new hair is great! My daughter's hair was 3 feet long when she gave it to Locks of Love - all of it. I cried for the big heart she had and for the huge drops of pride that slid down her cheeks.

  21. That's awesome, and I love your new look! No one would want my hair (even if I could grow it that long)--It's too fine! Still, it must be a great feeling to be able to give so easily for a GREAT cause.

  22. Way to go! What an amazing way to give you look "marvellous!" I give every day ( and it can be easy and feels great. From the smile on your face you must feel fantastic about what you are doing for another person. Congrats!

  23. Tracie,

    First of all, you look beautiful, and second, I am so, super excited that I happened to click over today to read this post. I've never donated my hair because I've never cut that must off at once, but you are inspiring, girl.

    What a true gift. Any chance you'd let me repost part of this on my blog (with a link back to you of course?). Drop me an email if you would be ok with that.

  24. I donated my hair after my wedding! I KNEW if I cut my hair before my wedding my family would have KILLED me, so I left it long, to my hips and made sure I wore it down on the big day so everyone could see it. TWO DAYS LATER (because my salon was closed the next day) I went in with my ziploc bag and cut it to my ears! Now its even shorter, but I felt great that I could donate my hair - I hardly used any styling products in it so it was SUPER healthy crazy-thick hair!!

  25. Tracie,
    That is all.

    This is phenomenal.


  26. This? Is fabulous! *You* are fabulous! XO

  27. That is so great! The last time I brought my boys to get their hair cut there were 2 little girls getting their hair cut for donation. Fantastic!

  28. What a gift to give: the gift of well being.

    WOnderful and kind.