From Tracie: Looking at Corn

Monday, May 23, 2011

Looking at Corn

Thomas likes to make surprises.

The first time we took Katarina to Disney World, there was much talk about visiting a flea market, up until the moment we pulled onto the Disney property.

Even little things are surprise-worthy.

Thomas is going to put a movie into the DVD player? DON'T LOOK! It is a surprise.
Thomas goes into the kitchen to prepare a snack? DON'T LOOK! It is a surprise.

Katarina has decided that she wants to become a vegetarian.

This is going to be interesting, because she is a picky eater, and generally does not like vegetables.

We have spent the last two weeks having many conversations about vegetables, nutrition, and new foods to try, in order to make this work.


This weekend, we decided to go see Thor. Thomas looked at me with the surprise-gleam in his eyes, "Don't tell Katarina. Let's surprise her!"

We went about our normal day; ran some errands, stopped by a tree job, talked about vegetables.

I brought up corn. Katarina's response, "Corn is not really my thing, Mom."

Thomas and I talked about different ways that corn can be prepared. My personal corn feeling is, it should be eaten on the cob, but Thomas is open to other options. He even tried telling her how some corn comes in different colors. She was not buying it.

As he glanced into the back seat, I caught a glimpse of the gleam in his eye, "I know what we need to do, go look at some corn! You don't have to try any today, if you don't want to. We can just go look at it."

"I guess we could look at it. Is it far away?" Katarina asked

"We are actually pretty close to the corn place," I answered.

I held my breath for just a second as we pulled up next to the mall where the movie theater is housed. Just as I expected, Katarina noticed it, "Look! There is the mall. May we go look around a little?"

"Not today, we don't have time," answered Thomas.

"Dad. I have agreed to go look at corn with you, even though I think it is completely insane. Couldn't you reconsider my idea, which was completely normal?"

He turns the corner and we pull into the parking garage. "You changed your mind? We are going to look around?"

"No. It just so happens that the place with the corn is inside the mall."

Thor was awesome! So was the "corn".


  1. Great story. And now I am craving corn on the cob. Guess I'll be hitting the grocery store tomorrow. And I'll have to settle for frozen since it's just not that time yet.

  2. hey madame photographer lady...where's the pictures of the corn?
    Glad you had fun.
    Thor was sooo good wans't it???

  3. Lol.... mmm popcorn. Hope you enjoyed the movie!

  4. I'm so with you. Corn is great on the cob with some butter. So good. However, I don't get it that much because David is FREAKED out by corn on the cob. He's afraid his teeth will fall out while he's eating it....Yup. He's a little weird.

  5. Corn on the cob slathered with butter and pepper, sprinkled with salt. My mouth is watering...

  6. So cute! I love that story. Now I want some popcorn.

  7. OHh I love corn on the cob LOVE IT.. Ha i love how a corn trip turned into Thor lol

  8. I did the vegetarian thing a little older than her. Didn't last long since I didn't like vegetables. And then Erica tried it in her teens but gave up when I made her eat Tofu for protein.

    Thomas sounds like a fun guy!

  9. This morning my youngest told me "shooting animals to eat them is just wrong". I'm afraid vegetarianism is on the horizon here, too.

    Cute story! Hope you enjoyed your popcorn with lots of butter.

  10. That sounds like fun.

    The surprises. Not the vegetarianism with a picky eater. Been there myself - unfun.

  11. Sounds like fun. Did she like the movie??

  12. Mmmm, corn on the cob! Especially with butter and salt!

  13. Now Thor and corn are inextricably linked in my mind. Oh well, that guy would look good gnawing on a tree limb.

  14. Too cute! Now I need some popcorn.


  15. I love surprises too and never try to break them.

    Corn tastes good on salad with tuna and tomatoes and bits of cheese, I think.