From Tracie: Bedtime Stories and Microscopic Swimmers

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Bedtime Stories and Microscopic Swimmers

It is early Sunday morning, which means it is time to set your timer and type for five minutes with Fadra.

When I typed that, my mind was thinking, "Now it is time for silly songs. The part of the show where Larry comes out and sings a silly song," and then I may or may not have sung a couple of lines of "Where Is My Hairbrush".

A couple of Katarina moments from last week.


Bedtime in our house is prayers, kisses, hugs, and a tucking in. We usually do all our stories and reading during the day, but the other night I thought I would spend a little extra time cuddling.

"Katarina, how about a short bedtime story tonight?"

"That sounds good, but let's negotiate it a bit. We'll keep the short and the story, but leave out the bedtime."


Katarina built a blackout shelter, and stocked it with food and games and flashlights, and a hole through which you could see the tv if you laid exactly right. I was given an invitation (complete with secret password and a list of rules), and of course I had to go for a visit.

She decided charades was in order.

Playing charades in a blackout shelter (which is really a blanket suspended between two beds, with another blanket on the floor, and pillows all around) is tricky. You can't sit or stand, or hardly move, because the whole thing will come crashing down.

"You go first, Mom."

Movie. Three words.

Second word.

I held my hands close together.

"Small," Katarina guessed. I shook my head. "Tiny." I shook my head. "Microscopic." Another head shake.

I indicated that I was going to act out the third word, knowing that she would guess it right away once she got that one, and did my best mermaid (without bringing the blackout shelter down).

"Swim." Head shake. "Swimmer." Head shake.

I thought "mermaid" really hard and acted (Charaded? Mimed?) it out again.

"I don't think you are doing it right," Katarina protested.

"Yes I am. You just have to think about it. Put the clues I gave you it? What movie is it?"

"Mom. There is no movie called The Microscopic Swimmer. You are silly."

Did you make tents with blankets and furniture when you were a kid? 
Have you seen Larry's hairbrush? 


  1. LMAO!!! That is the cutest thing ever! I read it to my husband and he giggled with me all over again! That totally made me waking up at 4:30 with my little one much easier! Thanks for sharing!

  2. That is too funny! And, yes I loved making blanket forts as a kid. I'm thankful my son and daughter love to make them, too. It seems a must-do to me! :)

  3. So Cute!
    (although, dare I say, if there WAS a movie called "Microscopic Swimmers" it probably wouldn't be for kids!) hehe

  4. I love it! Kids are so adorable! I'm awful at charades, to be honest, and I think The Little Mermaid would be a really hard one to act out even if you weren't trying to prevent the black-out shelter from caving in!

  5. LOL. This cracks me up. How I loved these moments when my kids were little... (and guess what? They keep getting better?)

    Ooodles of love and grateful to have found you via SOC Sunday!

  6. hahaha on the Microscopic swimmer.. yep I made tent blankets even my kids have and I love when they do. Although I do wish they would clean up their mess when they are done with the blankets.

  7. Haha Amber's been into Veggie tales latey :) so this makes me laugh-also love the Katrina moments, kids are so precious and funny!

  8. lol! Love this post! It's moments like those that really make parenting and motherhood all worth it!

  9. I like to talk to tomatoes. A squash can make me smile. Waltzing with potatoes up and down the produce aisle, however... not my thing. But I do very much love me some Veggie Tales. No, I do not know where your hairbrush is. But I have a sneaky suspicion that Bob gave it to the peach 'cause he's got hair. And "The Microscopic Swimmer" is a great flick. High five for being a mom! It's so great to be able to blame our love for all things cartoony and kid-friendly on our children. Whee! ;)

  10. Ahhh...I want the glory days back! Sounds like a perfect way to spend a day; in the tent in the living room. Those were the days. :)

  11. That was soooo cute! You and your daughter have such fun together. Moments to cherish!

  12. Oh man, I'm horrible at charades. The Microscopic Swimmer, though, could be a documentary for several items.

  13. That's hilarious! My girls love to build blanket forts, though I am never allowed in. ;) "The Microscopic Swimmer" definitely doesn't sound like a kid's movie... but it's a great take on The Little Mermaid.

  14. Kids are so cute and creative! I can't wait until my Pookah and I can have these kinds of conversations!

    Stopping by from SOC

  15. Ah, that was great! Kids really do say the darndest things!